Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stuff and too much of it

So, sorry I was gone for a few days and said nothing. There have been some things in life that I needed to figure out and am still figuring out. You know, a bit of mid-life crisis stuff, but at 28. Some icky things are going on with my grandpa's will and it has turned into a very unpleasant fiasco. My baby clock is ticking. School is a little overwhelming. Stress makes my shaking worse and so not much crafting has been done, which unfortunately makes the stress worse. So, just a lot of hooey all at once and it all got to be a little too much for me.

So, I am back. I am forcing myself to be back because otherwise it's just a drowning whirlpool of depressiony type stuff that I just can't do. I made some sketches today for my inspiration design and some stitch sketches . . . and most importantly ordered some yarn today to make it all up. I am going to need to make some swatches to see if it is all going to pan out. Hopefully the yarn arrives sooner than later(7-21 working days)!

I have worked a little on my mother's cowl and will try to take some pics of that tomorrow to let you all see the progress. I think it is turning out quite nice and am proud that I have made it this far into a lace project. :)

I am also going to start exercising again tomorrow. I will not be including that information on this blog anymore though. A lot of this stuff has made me realize that I need to focus more on my religious side, so I have created a separate blog just for that. That blog will include my exercise stuff, because I consider exercise to be more of a spiritual type thing than an art or craft. My religious beliefs are not mainstream, so if you take offense to that, please do not visit my blog or leave negative comments on there. I do not want to have to start moderating comments on both blogs. If you are interested for any reason, you can find the blog on my information page.


  1. Just keep breathing!!! It will all be alright! :)

  2. I'm so sorry you are having such a tough time right now. I'm sending positive thoughts and a big hug your way.