Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dyeing Debacle

So, I really was going to post all this last night, but then sickness, again . . .yes, I know you are tired of hearing about it.

So anyways, the dyeing, I am sure you won't believe me on some of these, as I didn't believe them myself. I am convinced there is something up with the yarn, like a chemical or something on it, because I have never had issues like this when dyeing before. Here goes. . .

First off, Purple attempt:

As you can plainly see, there isn't any purple even in this, it looks like a calico cat. The color is somewhere between the color of these two pics, but closer to the top one. The second picture shows how many knots where in this skein and how close some of them were, I only cut the skein where there was a knot.

Next up, the Blue:

This on also, the dye split and didn't dye even. Okay, two pics with this one too, because the top one shows more accurately the rich color of the yarn and how many knots were in the skein. The second one shows better shade differences within the skein. So, the colors are more like the second picture, only richer, like the first. :)

Next up, Green:
This dyed up a lovely emerald green color and color is mostly consistent, with only slight variations in green. At least here there was only one knot.

Next is Black:
As you can see, not black. The dye split again and it is shades of dark purple, dark maroon, and gray/green. Also, only one knot in this one.

Lastly, Orange:
Like the green, this one dyed up fairly evenly and had only one knot in it.

Overall, I like the colors, just not what I was looking for when I started dyeing the colors and then dyed a couple of them other colors than what was planned since the first few skeins hadn't worked out like I wanted. Still nice colors and will use them for something else.

Truly annoying part of the yarn. There was a lot of VM(vegetable matter) in the skeins that I couldn't really see before dyeing. After dyeing, it was quite obvious and I had to pick out WAY too much VM from these skeins. Also, each skein had a least on knot, with one skein having FOUR and the knots were close together, check out how small three of those bundles are in the Calico Cat/Purple color. That is simply ridiculous. These skeins will probably be going into time-out for a while because of these two reasons, my annoyance level with them is very high right now.

So, two things learned from this adventure:
1. I will not, in the future, ever buy yarn from Barlett Yarns/Halcyon Yarn. Nope.
2. I will probably not buy from some one's de-stashing again either. My theory is, the person I purchased these from, had to know about some of the VM problem since she wound one of the skeins into a center pull ball. Therefore, she was not as honest as she should have been.


  1. I really do like the green, it is very pretty.

  2. Sorry to hear that Halcyon stuff made you sad. I've loved them for years... but not gotten this particular stuff from them.
    Meanwhile, if you're truly unhappy with either the "black" or the "blue"...... I know a stash closet that would welcome them eagerly =:-D