Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I got this meme from Divine Bird blog. She didn't tag anyone specific, so I took it upon myself to be tagged, if you would like to be tagged, consider yourself so.

Onto the 25 Random Things About Me

1. I was picked on in school, not your average joking around, but picked on a lot, it led to a lot of depression/weight issues, etc.

2. I loved books a lot when I was younger, because I would disappear into their worlds. It didn't matter the story, fantasy, horror, etc. I got so good at this, that I still have difficulty sometimes distinguishing between memories and things I read in books.

3. I had a really bad dream when I was a teenager which convinced me that in a past life I was an abusive husband and that some of the things I experienced in this life were atonement for the bad things I did in my past life.

4. I have never had a specific desire to have children, but I have always loved the thought of being pregnant and for a long time (maybe even still) I thought that it would be the most fulfilling thing to be a surrogate for someone else.

5. My fiance and myself met in a chatroom on the internet, back in January of 1995, and not on an online dating service, just in a chatroom. I was only a freshman in high school.

6. I always thought I would marry someone just like my Uncle Brit, he is still one of the best men I have ever known.

7. When I was younger, I wanted to be a writer, I even carried around a notebook with me all the time, writing my ideas and stories down.

8. I only started spinning because my mother sent me a kit to do so, I never really thought it was something I would really like because you were just making yarn.

9. I love animals, so much so that if I had to choose between the ability to have children and the ability to own animals, I would pick the animals.

10. Guinea Pigs and Angora Rabbits can kill me within about 40 or so minutes, I am that allergic to them.

11. I still can not believe New Kids on the Block are putting out new music.

12. I highly believe in the power of the mind, you can convince yourself of almost anything . . . which can be good or bad.

13. The only horror movie that ever scared me was the Chucky series, I never looked at my dolls the same way. Still don't, really.

14. I really love to sing, even if I don't sing well, it just makes me feel so much better. I will even sing as I walk to school sometimes, yes a get a few odd stares, but oh well.

15. Some day I really want to have a garage set up as a wood shop, I love to make things in general and think that kind of precision and math work is fun.

16. When I was a teenager I got in trouble from my mother because during an earthquake instead of running to a doorway, I ran to my bookshelf and tried to keep all my books from being harmed. *Yes, I am fully aware now of how stupid that is, but I can't guarantee that I wouldn't do it again.*

17. The most clarifying point in my life was my attempted suicide approximately 10 years ago, when I realized just how much I didn't actually want to die.

18. I had a reoccurring dream of my Uncle Joey for many years after he died, where he was trying to tell me something . . . I could never hear him very well in the dream and know I think I know what he might have been telling me and wonder if I could have prevented something from happening.

19. As you can see, I am very oddly spiritual, but don't have a direct path.

20. Working in retail made me a kinder person. I think it's easier to have empathy for other people when you see how similar you all are.

21. I want to teach in an inner city type school.

22. I truly believe that my future in-laws don't care for me, as I believe they think my fiance deserved something "better", maybe a trophy wife. Which only somewhat annoys me because my family seems to adore him.

23. I would love to visit Hawaii, I love their language and I would love to try to hula dance.

24. I have taken belly dancing classes before and would do so again if I knew of any around here.

25. I have only been to one casket view in my life and will never go to one again, I would prefer to remember them as I last saw them . . . that is an image I will never be able to get rid of now.

I know, weird and odd arrangement of things, but still things about me. I will post more later tonight about the yarn dyeing stuff.


  1. Gurl I love bellydancing!!! And try to take classes when the budget allows, otherwise it is impromptu in my house and tapes! LOL ;op

    Very kewl how you met your fiancee! Gives me hope! :oD

  2. Hey, I love your 25 things!! We have a lot in common. :) I totally get the saving books vs. yourself in an earthquake. :) My 'emergency evacuation' plan includes making sure I have my spinning wheel with me.