Thursday, January 22, 2009


As a mentioned in my previous post, I am probably going to make my unborn niece a blanket to welcome her into this world. After all, I would feel far worse knowing I had not made something for her birth, than breaking a crummy resolution. So, I made a test square last night/this morning and here it is:

I chose different colors in my Red Heart Soft stash. I think the colors work well together for a design that is suppose to be reminiscent of the 70's. I chose to work on a much smaller hook(2.75mm) than the practice square I was doing yesterday for better wear and smaller holes for little hands not to get stuck in.

Edited: no more hesitation, I will make the blanket.


  1. It is very sweet of you to make something for your niece Vera! What a good Aunt you are! I love you Jodi!!!

  2. I like how the background color pokes through the colorwork in that pattern. And, all resolutions/bets are off in the face of babies, in my opinion. =)