Friday, January 30, 2009

Loom Issues

Okie, dokie . . . my loom problems. See, when I learned to weave at the college, both the back beam and the front beam look like my front beam. Smooth with no pegs, and the metal part to tie down the warp to.

Front Beam

Back Beam

However, you see my back beam has pegs in it, across and around. . . and no metal piece to tie down to. I do not understand how to do this and keep accurate tension. In class we were taught to wrap a piece of paper between each layer of yarn so they did not sink into each other and make the tension uneven, but how can I do that with these pegs all over the back beam? So, if anyone knows how I am suppose to wind on the back beam and keep even tension, it would help greatly!

*Sorry, not blog review today. Thought I was getting better, but my stomach says differently and I just don't feel good.*

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