Saturday, January 3, 2009

WeaveZine Winter 2008

The Winter 2008 issue of WeaveZine. I have read this zine since it started, even though I wasn't weaving at the time. In fact, I have listened to her podcast WeaveCast for quite some time. It has definitely helped my weaving go quicker when I first started actually weaving. If you have an interest in weaving, I definitely recommend both Syne Mitchell's zine and podcast.

Here are a couple links to articles/patterns I thought were especially interesting.

~Wool and Silk Skirt - - a lovely article on sewing your woven fabric and using to make clothing.

~A K.I.S.S. for Baby - - A nice pattern for making a baby blanket. The information on attaching panels to each other will be beneficial for me when I go to make my Dad's blanket.

~Give it a Twist: Doup Leno - - An interesting sounding technique to learn.

Have a look for yourself, but I warn you . . . it can become an addicting. :)

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