Monday, January 12, 2009

Monogamous I am NOT

Well, I have never, ever claimed to be a monogamous crafter. I have issues with this, but I doubt they have the appropriate psychiatric facilities for this kind of problem. So I promised I would show all my WIPs, including the ones that were rediscovered while cleaning up the crafty stuff. I will admit that a couple were frogged and will not be shown.

You have been warned, don't say you haven't . . . this isn't a list for the faint of heart. Here we go . . .


First up is Rhoni's scarf. As you can see by the beam below the weaving, I have gotten some work done on it. It's been a little slow because the loom and myself are really still becoming acquainted and it seems to be resisting the relationship some.

This is the yarn I am spinning for my eventual gloves. They have been "in the works" for some time now. I have blogged about this yarn before. The theme is the colors of fallen leaves in the fall.

This yarn is the yarn I intend to ply with the above yarn for my gloves. Both are spun very finely.

This is some lovely yarn that I started spinning but took it off the spindle to spin the natural roving above. This was carded by hand, since I don't have any tools yet to do any of that. I love it and will return to it once I am done with the natural color.

Here we have the Catherine Bear I am working on. I have the body, one side of the head, and a third of the other side of the head done.

My orange and brown top I started on I believe around January of last year. I put it down in late spring as it wasn't done in time to wear and was getting warmer and then kind of just forgot about it. I really didn't remember being so far along already. I have to admit, I can't wait to finish it, it feels so soft and snuggly.

My gloves that I started knitting this holiday season. My hands are always cold it seems, as you can tell, I haven't made it very far yet. I love the colors of this yarn though.

A charity hat.

One of Rhoni's headbands.

Another one of Rhoni's headbands.

Ah, well. This is sort of an indulgence. This is Knitty's Via Diagonale. I always wanted to knit a bag, so here she is. I know, it's quite bright and believe me, the colors are just as bright or maybe even a little brighter in real life.

This is my first toe-up sock. The stitch pattern is from one of the Sensational Knitted Socks books. You'll notice that the toe looks very unique. I worked hard until I made that short row toe pretty much match the shape of my toes. It was annoying and tedious, all that frogging and re-knitting, but I definitely think it was all worth it in the end.

My cowl. Ah, this was started early this fall I think . . . or somewhere around there. It was one of the items pushed aside for holiday knitting. I am looking forward to finishing it, preferably in time to still wear it this winter. You can see my love for moss stitch. :)

See, only 13!


  1. Nice blog! You have a lot of projects as does the rest of us. When you have the time have a look at Knitting By The Ocean's: Time to Own Up:

  2. Do the cowl (I love that stitch, too)and the gloves(love the color)first, please, and then you can finish the rest. Inquiring eyes, need to see these!

    Oh, nutz, pay no attention to this woman behind the screen and finish them in the order you would like! They are all interesting projects.

  3. Thirteen isn't that many. And, a few of those are small. Totally manageable list. =)

  4. crafting -- in its wider scope -- is what you're monogamous to! i love having multiple projects in the works. keeps the boredom at bay!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Multi talented, spinning looks really nice. It makes me want to get my spindle out again.
    Love the title.