Thursday, January 8, 2009

Knit, frog, repeat

Once again, good sleep was had. :)

I worked on my toe-up sock last night and got about 3 or 4 inches in and realized, duh!, that I should try it on, since this is one of the perks of toe-up construction. And found that the toe shape wasn't all it could be, so I frogged and re-knit the toe. And frogged and re-knit the toe. And lastly, frogged and re-knit the toe. I think I have a good toe now. We shall see. I figured though, if they are going to be hand knit socks, they deserve to be the best that they can be. Plus, in the future, I will know how to knit my perfect toe. :) I might be far enough along to show a picture tomorrow.

I spent way too much time last night backing up all my old Live Journal posts into the beginning of this blog's archives. So all of the posts that are now listed in January of 2008 are old Live Journal posts. I guess LJ is going through another change of hands and as always, there is a possibility it may close its doors. Since early yesterday the site was messing up majorly for me, I decided if it would cooperate, there was no time like the present. Blah, it makes me glad that I didn't post very much to my journal over there!

Wii Update:
Thursday: 35 minutes (more time was spent today in Balance Games and Aerobics, with a few exercises in Yoga and Strength because my abs and wrists are sore today)

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  1. Okay, I'm flummoxed. What wii fit things bug your wrists? (well, except maybe the dreaded push up and side plank, which always makes me feel like I'm a complete weak-stick.

    And btw, I thought we were aiming at 30... How'm I supposed to keep up if you keep going over EVERY time you get on?? hmm??? Are we competing for time here? or just urging each other on?