Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I am sure in general, I hate to make them as much as most people, yet I still feel compelled. Maybe this year I will have chosen ones that are more appropriate to the person I really am and I will be able to accomplish some if now all of them.

1. Exercise more. My goal is to work out every day with the Wii Fit and at least 2-3 times a week with a video/or weight lifting. I think at least the Wii Fit will be doable, because it has more accountability . . . but I want this blog to be part of my accountability also.

2. No crafting for gifts this year. Crafting is to be for charity, learning, designing purposes, or for myself(I don't do this nearly enough). There are only two clauses in this resolution. I can still work on a couple of things I have started in 2008, but haven't finished. The second clause is a blanket for my Dad, this will fit into the technique part, as I intend to learn different weaves and make squares that I will assemble together to give him.

3. Last resolution. I am incrementally going to try to blog 365 this year. First small goal of making it through January. :)

We shall see how that ends up working out for me.


  1. You are so brave, listing your resolutions! My resolutions are usually pretty vague and easily dismissed! :-/

  2. Bravo....I am still contemplating my resolutions....

  3. Ooh ooh... Can I join you on the Wii Fit progress? we could be a fit support team for each other. Maybe I'd get regular about it if I had someone to report to!