Sunday, January 18, 2009

How thin is too THIN?

Ah, yes, I am cutting it very short tonight. We went out to dinner tonight in the snowy weather and had to drive slower than expected, therefor, we got home later than expected.

So, Spinning, lovely, lovely spinning. The picture I showed yesterday of this:

This is the lovely Falling Leaves yarn that I was making. I decided I didn't want the barber pole effect so I ended up Navajo Plying it by itself. This will of course mean that there isn't enough of this alone to knit the gloves, so it will probably be paired with a yarn of similar size, maybe a black. The only problem then was, it was still thinner than I wanted, about lace-weight, so I Navajo Plied it again. Yes, you read that right, this yarn was Navajo Plied twice, making it a 9-ply yarn and it is still only around a sport weight. I will know for sure when I take it off the bottle tomorrow and see what the WPI is.

Yes, I spin this thin. I tried when I first started spinning to spin thin and even singles. Now, it comes too naturally to spin this thin. So, onto the next spinning project:

This is some spinning that I am attempting to spin at a thicker single . . . unfortunately it's still a little thin, but I am trying . . . after all, learning is a constant, right?

This is the roving that the above spinning comes from. This is a small amount that I painted back in Washington State when I was there this summer. My mom and I painted some roving together. I have to admit, I wasn't sure how it was going to end up looking, but I think the spinning above is turning out pretty nice.

Down here at the bottom is a quick bit a spun up of it and test knitted to see how it would look. I like the look of the colors and that there is a distinction between each color.

Fitness Update:
Friday: Jillian Micheal's 30 Day Shred - - - 20 minutes at Level 1
Saturday: 30 minutes of the Wii Fit
Sunday: None, didn't do anything earlier and now don't feel too well, think I ate some bad nachos at Applebees.


  1. Boy those colors really pop when knitted up! You should consider making lace shawls and stuff with your innate talent to spin so thin!

  2. I am in awe of your thin spinning. I still get dreadlocks....

  3. The yarn is gorgeous - I love how it knits up...