Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thinking and Learning

Your Word is "Think"

You see life as an amazing mix of possibilities, ideas, and fascinations.

And sometimes you feel like you don't have enough time to take it all in.

You love learning. Whether you're in school or not, you're probably immersed in several subjects right now.

When you're not learning, you're busy reflecting. You think a lot about the people you know and the things you've experienced.

Not so much a shock, really, as you really feed the test exactly what you think life means anyways.

Along this line though, I went to the bookstore on Friday night and saw the new KnitScene, Winter 2008/Spring 2009, and was rather disappointed. I didn't even purchase it. The only things I really thought looked interesting, were things that I could probably figure out how to make it or something very similar myself. I enjoy buying magazines to learn things. If a pattern can't teach me something, what is the point of it? It's not that I didn't find some of them appealing, because I did, but I doubt I need a pattern to do it.

Sixteen-Point Tee - - It looks like a potentially cute top, but it doesn't even fit the model well and makes her chest look small to non-existent because it bunches around her chest like she can't even fill out the top. (middle pictures especially shows this)

Pink Tie Tunic - - Kind of cute, but a very simple pattern that anyone could do on their own.

Carnation Tee - - Cute, but really just a raglan top with two colors used and some texture.

Ribby-Yo Vest - - Very 80's appearance, looks somewhat like a maternity top in my opinion.

Rainbow Yoke Sweater - - nice colorwork, but basically a shapeless sweater, no real pattern there.

Forever Tweed Sweater - - Nice looking sweater, but again, typical 80's baggy look with no shaping. Nothing special.

Broad Street Hoodie - - again, a cute top, but doesn't look like there would be any difficulty in knitting it up without the pattern as it doesn't seem to include waist shaping or anything special. Even the hood doesn't seem to fit the model, seems too small.

Nimbus Vest - - I will admit I find the color combo and design very appealing. Again though, nothing special to learn that anyone couldn't probably do themselves, not shaping really to speak of and if there is, then it doesn't fit the model well.

Patchwork Hat - - nice hat, with many different textures that seem to work well together and probably worth the pattern, but not a real hat person myself.

Stacked Rib Cardigan - - Can't say much about the patterns shape since it really seems WAY too big for the model, there seems to be a nice shape to the garment through different stitches, but the huge arms of the top on the model make her look a lot larger than she obviously is.

Orchid Wrap - - just some entrelac, nothing special.

Heather Overlap - - huh? Find me one person that can wear that and it looks like a real garment on and not just like a blanket with some arm holes cut into it. I just don't understand that piece at all.

Audra Crewneck - - I actually really like this and probably would have bought the magazine just for this pattern, if I hadn't been so annoyed with most of the rest of the magazine. Too bad.

Street Smart Hat and Mittens - - Cute set, crochet and knit mix.

Blue Filigree Hat - - Cute hat, but not nothing particular that sparks my interest.

Mumzy Scarf - - another WTF, personally I don't see the appeal in it, though I know that there are probably plenty who think it's adorable.

Cinch Headband - - Cute, but just a simple headband.

Winsome Cardigan - - I can kind of understand where this top was headed, but I think it missed it's mark. Without the live-preserving sleeves and put over something far more realistic, I think it might be able to work, but how can an item knit is such thick yarn on large needles look "winsome" or delicate at all?

Hermia Blouse - - Another one that I think has potential, but why in the world is she wearing over that other top? She looks like a kid playing dress-up in her mom's closet.

Ariadne Scarf - - Interesting scarf and probably worth a look for those who like to knit scarves.

Nymph Tee - - Another potentially cute top, but it's WAY too big on the model and why is she wearing it over that other top? Maybe in an effort to make it look like it actually fits her?

Artemis Tunic - - Another top with potential, but why in the heck is that huge belt around her? Why didn't they just put waist shaping? Or is it simply that, yet again, Interweave can't find models that will actually fit the designs in their magazines?

Tempest Beret - - Cute, but nothing special.

Pluie Pullover - - Interesting top, but why is it only shown from the front at a slight angle? Model seems to be standing awkwardly, like she is sticking her chest out . . . just seems like it's probably another garment that didn't fit well.

Triple-Slip Vest - - Cute vest, but nothing special.

Hedgerow Tee - - Cute-ish, but looks simple enough to make.

Caddy Tam - - Just really a simple Tam.

Saguaro Mittens - - Don't find appealing, look quickly put together and don't seem to fit the model. The thumb looks too long for the hand part of the mitten.

Feels Like Love Scarf - - Cute, but nothing special and seemingly simple stitch.

Pinwheel Pillows - - Cute, but not worth buying the magazine for and probably really aren't too hard to figure out myself.

As always, these are just my opinions and encourage you to look at the magazine for yourself. I had intended to talk about my disappointment in this issue tomorrow, after I had gotten some sleep, but in all honesty my disappointment with Interweave just seems too continue. Only Interweave Crochet has seem truly good to me lately and it worries me that when they replace the editor that it all may end and look just like the rest of Interweave.

**When I say something is "nothing special" to me that just means there is nothing so striking about the item as to make me want to buy the magazine, not that it isn't a good design**


  1. I often feel this way about patterns, but I think it's partly because I actually like the process of figuring a pattern out for myself (and I hate following them). None of those patterns particularly grab me, but if I just wanted a simple knit that I didn't have to think about, I'd probably be glad to have some simple, straightforward designs. It also seems like it might say good things about IK's style that they can't find models to fit; maybe that means they are using realistic sizing?

    Overall, I do have to agree with you though - there's not a whole lot in this issue that couldn't be figured out quite easily, and most of it could be much improved by some shaping. Maybe next time?

  2. The only things I liked were ones I could design on my own if I wanted to.
    But I so agree -- why can't they get models who fit the garments? or have the garments knit in the sizes their models wear?
    I often can't tell whether its a bad fit or a bad design.
    Ah well, eight more bucks for the yarn fund I guess.