Thursday, January 1, 2009

Interweave Crochet

I received the new Interweave Crochet (Winter 2008) the day after Christmas . . . perfect timing. I have just forgotten to blog about it.

~Big Bow Cardigan - - The structure of the piece is kind of nice. Not a fan of the big bow, but it seems easy to adjust for that. Not sure I like the buttons, simply because the sweater seems to have positive ease on the model, yet the buttons still stretch out unattractively. I would probably add a more structured button band or potentially change the closures completely. Julia Vaconsin's blog.

~Snowdrops Scarf - - I like the filet crochet as I am a fan of it in general, but I think the scarf would be more effective in a lighter/delicate weight of yarn. Doris Chan's blog.

~Dragonfly Shawl - - I like the complex look of the scarf, even though it appears to be a lot simpler of a project that it looks. Very nice, not a shawl person myself, but it is an attractive project. Lisa Naskrent's blog.

~Elinor Cardigan - - Lovely. I have to admit, this is how I would like to see more crochet. Doesn't that just look comfy and not all boxy, but snug and fitting. I would definitely cast on for this one. I am already trying to figure out how to get the yarn for it. Robyn Chachula's blog.

~Thrummed Mittens - - I like these in general, but not a mitten person. It's nice to see a thrummed pattern in crochet. Marlaina Bird's blog.

~Fireside Pullover - - Nice and structured. If I crocheted this I would probably alter the pattern to accept a smaller yarn to have a little more drape and the holes not be quite so large. Annette Petavy's website.

~Mitered Squares Scarf - - I like this. I think it is one of the few designs that looks good open or wrapped around the models neck. Annette Petavy's website.

~Mulled Spices Afghan - - I love the little entrelac edging on the blanket. I probably wouldn't make this blanket as is, mostly because the weight of blankets that large, usually hurt my wrists to crochet. I would alter it somehow to be squares to hook together. I like the color choices and the pattern though. Rhonda Davis's blog.

~Alpine Frost Scarf - - As before, not so much a person to make scarves, but I really love the stitch pattern in this scarf. I am very oddly drawn to it. This stitch could probably be worked into something very lovely. Not sure what yet though. Amy O'Neill Houck's blog.

~Cubist Asymmetrical Cardigan - - I really like this cardigan. I love the asymmetrical shape. The only thing I would change is the neckline, I wouldn't make it so wide at the top. Really nice. Megan Granholm's blog!

~Chullo Hat and Gloves - - I love the color choices in these. I like the patterns for both of these. I would probably be more inclined to make the hat than the gloves, but I enjoy both designs. They both look well planned and well crafted. Ellen K. Gormley's blog.

~Instant Decor Pillows - - The pillow looks nice and soft, but personally, I have no desire to crochet with four strands of bulky wool.

~February Riding Jacket - - I like this too. It seems versatile and well constructed. I am a fan of the 3/4Th sleeves. Very appealing. I would consider casting on for this too. Sarah Barbour's blog.

~Forest Floor Felted Rug - - Well, this one is not to my tastes. I don't find it appealing to look at, nor do I think I would enjoy stepping on it. To each their own.

~Ruffles - - Mixed feeling about this. I think this could look good on the right person. I think it looks nice on the model, I really can't see myself wearing something that frilly. Christina Marie Potter's website.

~Golightly Tunic - - Mixed feelings about this dress. A lot of me really likes this, but the top collar design looks a little tacky. It seems bumpy and a bit messy in a couple of places. Not sure how I would alter this, maybe try a thinner yarn and adjust the pattern. Not sure. It just feels like the pattern is so close to being just right. Kristin Omdahl's website.

~Peppermint Hat and Scarf - - Nice and simple matching set.

~Pinwheel Beret - -Not a beret person myself, but this pattern looks very nice and well constructed. If I was going to make a beret for someone else, I would definitely consider this pattern.

~Changing Colors - - This is a useful short article on how to effectively switch colors for those who are new to crochet color-work.

~Gauge Crashers - - This is a realistic article about gauge and how it doesn't always work the way you thought it was going to due to the fact that humans are not machines and many things can effect our gauge. It is interesting and useful.

~Garment Construction (part II) - - More useful information on how to work your crochet pieces together smoothly. Would recommend the article.

~The Politics of Crochet - - Interesting if you are into that, I am not really a political crafter though.

~Tressa Hairpin Lace Scarf - - (book excerpt from Wrapped in Crochet) I am not sure if I like the scarf that is in the pattern excerpt, but I am definitely interested in hairpin lace, it is something I haven't tried yet, and I find it very attractive in general. I think the scarf is more girly than I am, but it looks like a nice pattern, and seems very well written. Kristin Omdahl's website.

** I tried to include websites or blogs of the designers when I could find them, if you know the links to any of the ones I couldn't find, please let me know**

As always, these are just my opinions and I encourage you to check out the magazine yourself. I was especially pleased with this issue. If you are into crochet, I definitely recommend picking it up.

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  1. Thank you for such thought-out reviews and including links to all the websites.