Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cold, Freezing, Winter, etc

These are all bad words as far as I am concerned. I have never really been a fan of winter. It does have a few highlight moments, but mostly . . . it's just too cold, too wet, and way too slippery. (there is a very important note to make here that winter wet is far different than just rain wet, I come from the Pacific Northwest . . . I'd take rain wet any day over winter wet, ANY DAY) Blah, isn't summer here yet? or at least spring?

I have been working on my cowl, it's moving along. It seems I am one of those people that when I don't really have any deadlines, classes, etc. I seem to accomplish almost nothing. It's not like I don't do anything, but I so have the attitude that there is plenty of time to work on things and get things done, no rush, kind of putter along. Yet in a time of busy, deadlines, papers, work, etc. I always seem to get more crafting done at those times. I am always thinking, that I really need to find time to fit in crafts, so I'll make time for 15 minutes here, and hour there. I am beginning to think that I am actually happier during the busier times, the whole rush of having too many things to do and little time to do them in, it makes me more motivated. So now the question is . . . do I find ways to keep my life busier more of the time or do I figure out some way to enjoy the down time more? Not sure on that one.

Wii Update:
Monday: 47 minutes. I am getting better at quite a few of the ones I do regularly, so I am trying to add stuff in there that is out of my comfort level. I am definitely seeing the need here soon to do more though, like tapes or weight training, because even though I really enjoy the Wii and I think it is helping my ankle (even if it never did seem to heal correctly) . . . it doesn't seem to make me break a sweat anymore. Which is good, I am getting stronger, but I need to keep pushing myself. Now to get myself to actually it . . .

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  1. Maybe the snowstorm analogy in my last comment wasn't such a good one, huh? I love snowstorms!

    I think I get more done on my craft projects when I'm busy, too. I think I need a reminder to stop more when things are hectic, so I rely more on my crafts to slow me down. And, it doesn't hurt to see them move faster, either!