Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday's Featured Blog

Today's Featured Blog is Mama Urchin.

In her archives she explains that this is the blog she started reading that led her into the world of crafting blogs, Loobylu.

Things I enjoy about this blog:
~ I really love the way she "talks" so easily on her blog, like she's talking to a good friend.
~ Beautiful pictures.
~ I love her cooking posts, they make me want to go cook!
~ Her children are, of course, absolutely adorable
~ I love that she tries to involve her children in crafty projects.

Arts & Crafts I found at this blog:
~Mini Scrap booking
~Knitting and Felting
~Re-purposing Crafts
~Polymer Clay Beads
~Little Sweater Knitting
~Go Fish Game
~Doll Clothing

Interesting Links from this blog:
~Tutorial for a String Backpack

I hope you have a look at her blog and enjoy it just as much as I do.

My boyfriend thinks it is ridiculous that spend so much time following as many blogs as I do, but he doesn't understand that they are all like little pieces of a puzzle . . . each has something different to offer (sewing, knitting, beautiful pictures, wonderful stories, in depth details of projects, humorous tales, etc) and in the end, they all fit wonderfully together.


  1. Without being able to read others' blogs, blogging is a lonely job. (Waxing not quite eloquently.)heh-heh.

    But seriously, you are an encouragement to those of us who blog! Thank you.

  2. Thanks for encouraging others in blogging and introducing us to more good bloggers.