Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday's Featured Blog

Our Featured Blog for this Friday is: Curious Weaver

Things I like about this blog:
~Brings up neat ideas like . . . Square Spindles
~Along with the above, is the fact that she always provides lots of links to interesting places and new knowledge. (She's an enabler) :)
~She is constantly learning new things and trying new things out.
~Very beautiful pictures.
~She has a very positive attitude.

Arts & Crafts found at this blog:
Clasped Weft Weaving
Sewing with her own woven fabric
Warp Dyeing
Pencil Drawing
Finger Weaving on an airplane
Drawing of knitting
Woven Shibori Result and Before
Tapestry Weaving
Dyeing Bamboo
Tunisian Crochet
Glass Mosaic
Triaxial Weaving

Interesting links at this blog:
~PDF downloads for Curious Weaver 1994-1996
Board Weaving PDF
Cardboard Weaving
Stick/Straw Weaving
Frame Weaving and another Frame Weaving

In the end, her blog may not be full of posts that list FOs and how she got there, but it is full of ideas and creativity and seemingly non-stop learning. A great place to go and be inspired . . . trust me, if this doesn't make you want to weave, nothing will.

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