Monday, January 5, 2009

Long Day

Well, I only ended up getting 5 hours or so of sleep last night. Yuck! I have a feeling I will sleep a lot tonight though, I am already feeling tired. The boy went for jury duty selection today . . . and of course was chosen for jury duty. He is going to be on a civil trial that will last the rest of this week. :) poor boy! I think it's hilarious in a way, but unfortunately he gets to spend most of his next set of days off in a court house. It'll be hard for him because he works at night and sleeps during the day, so now he'll have to flip his schedule around to do jury duty, then turn it back around again to start work Sunday.

I picked up the Jeanie Shawl this morning and worked a couple rows on it. I will work a nice section before I completely decide, but I am not sure this yarn will live out its life as a Jeanie Shawl. It may just end up getting frogged. I think that I just might not be a shawl person at all, after all, a shawl is nothing more than a glorified scarf, right? And I definitely have too short of an attention span to be a scarf knitter. Sometimes we must accept our limitations . . .

On fitness news, I joined a new group on Live Journal. I tend to usually just read in Live Journal communities and not actually post very much because they tend to be very critical and drama related places, but they can also have some useful information. However, this new group (lbs_for_yarn), if it continues how it seems to want to I think could be beneficial. I have made one of my long term goals to reward myself with a spinning wheel. I am walden121, if you are interested in joining up.

Wii Fit Update:
Sunday: 36 minutes
I am sore today. I pushed myself to do more strength training options on the Wii and payed for it. :)

I think I might go take a short nap and then do some Wii Fit. See you all tomorrow.

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  1. Oh those strength exercises! They really make me feel out of shape! If they included those in the Wii Fit Age test, I'd be 100!