Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well, I did some new year cleaning of the craft closet. Most stuff stayed, only a few things discarded. I still have to clean of the wire shelves I have in the living room, but rediscovered some projects that I forgot I had. When Christmas gift crafting starts, everything else is shoved to the curb and some times I forget about them completely. Sometimes, it was all for the better for them to have been forgotten about, so some were frogged.

I will take some pictures of my WIPs and rediscovered hibernating projects tomorrow after work. Not really feeling very good today, at all. My stomach is misbehaving. So very short post tonight. Probably going to try to get some rest here soon, maybe I will feel better tomorrow.

Wii Fit Update:
Friday: 37 minutes (I did a lot of Yoga and some strength training, only a little aerobics and balance games.)
Saturday: Missed day again. *Balancing and nausea don't go well together. (Was hoping to do a exercise video today too, but not with being sick.)

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