Sunday, January 25, 2009

N is for . . .

I received the letter "N" from Chan at Chanknits, so I will attempt to list ten things that start with the letter "N" that I like. If you'd like to play along and haven't already, leave a message and I'll give you a letter.

1.Nighttime - - I have really always been a night owl as long as I can remember. This is possible and often too easy to do, since I can sleep easily in daylight hours.

2.Nap-time - - I am a firm believer that if they are going go train you to take naps as a child and in kindergarten, then, life in general should be allowed naps.

3.Nerds - - My fiance is a huge nerd and in general I tend to find nerds attractive.

4.Nature - - I have always love nature since I was little. I think it comes from my Grandma Eve, she would go on walks almost every day, they lived out in the middle of nowhere.

5.Nieces - - I do like my niece, Justice and my niece to be, Vera.

6.Nylon - - When it's added to other fiber, such as wool to make socks stronger or cotton to make lovely wash cloths. (Definitely not the kind you wear on your legs though!)

7.Nice People - - As with most people, I am sure, I like nice people over rude people.

8.Newton, of the fig variety - - As in Fig Newtons, of course, still love them even though I learn that statistically you are probably eating a fair amount of wasps with them, yeah I learned that in my high school horticulture class, yummy.

9.Nests - - I love bird nest because of all of the diverse things they will collect to make a home for their babies. A work of art.

10.New - - in more ways than one. To learn NEW things, to buy NEW craft supplies, to meet NEW people . . . etc.

Holy Moly, the letter N was a lot more difficult than I expected. :)