Thursday, January 1, 2009


I picked up the new issue of Spin-Off (Winter 2008) on Monday, I think. The article which caught my eye was "Learn to Weave with your Handspun". Now, I am sure some of you are thinking that I would first actually have to spin regularly to accumulate enough yarn to actual attempt to use it on my loom, but maybe this will give me a little more motivation to do so. :)

~Spaced-Out Felted Scarves - - (woven & felted)

1. Jane Patrick's scarf- - Honestly, not quite a fan, not sure if it's the patterns or the colors used though. There is yarn of varying width, colors and twist used in the scarf and I don't find them
appealing together.

2. Charlotte Keathley's Rainbow Scarf - - I like this one better. The color seems to have more structure and the yarn seems more fitting. Still not too much for it though.

3. Susan Frick's Pucker-Up Scarf - - This one is more appealing, her use of different blends in the weft left the felted scarf with a nice puckered look.

4. Terri Bibby's scarf - - Even though this one has the same loose and open look as the others, I really like this one. I think this has more to do with the color choices and the pattern looks more deliberate than the first two. Very nice.

5. Melissa Ludden's scarf - - I also like this one. The pattern and yarn used looks very deliberate and thoughtful. It As an orange and blue fan, I am also partial to the colors used. I like the contrast of the soft and fluffy single against the cotton.

6. Ginger Balch's scarf - - now this one, is the most beautiful one of all. Very well done. It not only looks nice, but looks wearable too. Now this one is one that would make me want to try open-weaves.

7. Diane Mulholland's scarf - - This one is also very nice. Sometimes simplicity makes the real beauty.

~Swoopy Skirts - - (knitted) - - Very gypsy looking. A wrap of something like this would probably look wonderful in a belly dancing costume. Wonderful article and pattern. I hope I can get around to playing with some version of this pattern.

~Guanaco Hat Wild and Warm - - (knitting) - - I think the pattern for the hat is quite cute. I would not knit with the recommended fiber of guanaco due to it's expensiveness. But the hat itself is a nice pattern.

~Stella the Guard Dog - - (knitting) - - In all honestly, I find this pattern rather creepy. I am not much of a cozy maker in the first place.

~Plying on Spindles - - I love it when they have more information about spindle spinning. They gives some very helpful and easy tips.

~Blending Colors at the Wheel - - Nifty article. I have actually done this before, since I do not own carders, combs, etc. I like this technique because the outcome can be structured, but random. Nice explanations and examples.

~Serendipitous Spinning with Batts - - Some nice information about batts and some different opinions on how to use them.

~What to Look for in Handpainted Fiber - - Explains a little on how to create hand-painted fiber. Gives information on what types of color combinations to look for as to create the color and feeling you want. Seems like common sense, but can be easily unknown by those who aren't very familiar with the color wheel. Article also discusses fiber content to look for. Interesting article.

~Spinning for Beginning Weaving - - Some nice information and a few examples.

~Card, Knit, Wear: Unspun Caps - - (knitting) - - An article about knitting with rolags, instead of spun up yarn. Some techniques and advise. Nice short article. I am interested with knitting unspun fiber.

~An Introduction to the Tex Count System - - Very interesting article about the Textile Count System. Lots of information.

~South America's Wild Ones, Vicuna and Guanaco - - Wild progenitors of the llama and alpaca. Interesting history and information. Quite expensive fiber.

**Overall, a lot of information and I am glad I picked up this issue.**

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