Saturday, February 14, 2009

Interweave Knits Spring 2009

In an attempt to get this blog back to some normalcy and therefore, hopefully, myself, here is the newest Interweave Knits, Spring 2009.

Delphine - - - This is pattern from a book excerpt, French Girl Knits, and honestly, I think it is cute. In fact, I may have to take a look at this book next time I am in a book store. The sizes available are few and have a drastic difference of 8 inches difference between sizes, but modifications could probably be done, if one knew how and was so inclined.

Silk Cocoon Cardigan - - - A good variety of sizes available to knit. Looks like a fairly easy knit and fits the model well. A nice easy wrap and I like the fact that the lace is really an accent and not over done. Designer is Connie Chang Chinchio, this is her blog.

Millefiori Cardigan - - - A nice selection of sizes to knit from. I very cute cardigan, I think. I think the design is well thought out and the different stitches fit very well together. My only criticism is that the button band seems to pull a little awkwardly, at first it seems like a design feature and could possibly work as such, but if I knit it, I might knit a bit of a more secure button band. Designer is Andrea Pomerantz, this is her blog, but she's not very active on it.

Blooming Cotton Scarf - - - Honestly, I am not a scarf knitter, so I wouldn't make it, but I do like the design. It's nice and colorful, but not tacky. It's all slipped stitches, so no stranded color-work. Looks like ti wouldn't be a bad knit, except that you knit across the length, not the width, so that is a lot of stitches at one time. Designer is Eunny Jang!

Posy Slip - - - I think this is a nice knit, especially for a dress. I don't think hand-painted yarn like that would look good on anyone that wasn't quite tiny, but I do think it could look good in solid colors too. The stitch used on the dress is lovely and I think the Irish Crocheted Roses are what really make this design shine. Unfortunately, but of course, they are small sizes and only three of them. Designer is Joanne Krantz and it doesn't seem like she has a blog.

Petal Halter - - - Another nice knit, it most definitely helps that it fits the model. Not something I would wear, as I think it is a tad too girly for me, but I think this would be a worthy knit for maybe someone else. Designer is Olga Buraya-Kefelian and this is her blog, but she doesn't post very much.

Fountain Pen Shawl - - - Looks like a lovely shawl. Not a shawl knitter myself, but it looks like a nice pattern. Designer is Susan Pierce Lawrence and this is her blog.

Sweet Tee - - - Nice variety in sizing options. Tee does have some waist shaping and in all honesty, I am quite smitten with it. I know it is rather simple in some aspects, but I really like it. I love the little detail around the neck and the garter stitch hem. My only real concern would be the fact that it is knit from the bottom up, which means no real trying it on to see if it fits as you knit. Designer is Mary Jane Mucklesone and here is her blog, which seems pretty interesting at first glance.

St. John's Wort Cardigan - - - Eh, mixed feelings, mostly though, I don't wear things that are cropped this short, so I am bias. I think the stitches chosen look wonderful, but I don't care for the decreases which lead to the puffiness at the bottom. I just think it looks unflattering to the woman wearing it. If there were actual waist shaping or something, I think that would look better. Designer is Cathy Carron, her website.

Jeff's Pub Sweater - - - Four different sizes, but each are only about two inches apart, so some modifications to different sizes may be needed. I like the look of the sweater though. Looks nice and I like the subtle difference in the stitches. Would consider this, if I knew any guys who wore cardigans anymore. Designer is Hana Jason, who doesn't seem to have a blog.

Diminishing Rib Cardigan - - - I think it looks like a great knit, flattering and not over done. Pattern has a nice variety of sizes to knit from. I would definitely consider knitting this, I might add a button to the very top to kind of hold it together. Again our designer is Andrea Pomerantz and this is her blog, but she's not very active on it.

Soap Bubble Wrap - - - This seems like a nice knit, maybe a little too big on the model as it seems to be sliding off her shoulders, but over all nice. This is also a free download until May 14Th, 2009 if you are a Knitting Daily member. Designer is Connie Chang Chinchio, this is her blog.

Saoirse Shawl - - - I think this is definitely something that would be in style at the time. I can't see myself wearing it, unless I ever get up the nerve to put a bathing suit on again, but in all honesty, I think it is adorable. I was one of those teenagers who always wore my sweater tied around my waist and probably would have worn something like this when I was younger. Adorable, but only comes in one size, so some pattern changes might be needed for most people. Designer is Norah Gaughan.

Sweet Lily Shawl - - - Looks like a nice and simple shawl. Designer is the author of the article
Shaping Lace with Short-Rows and uses that technique in this shawl. Designer is Kristin Omdahl, and here is her website.

Net Duffel Bag - - - I think this bag has some benefits over other mesh-reusable-bags that I have seen. The fact that the holes are towards the top is nice, as nothing is as likely to slip out. Seems like a nice pattern. Designer is Vivian Hoxbro and here is her website.

Baa Rug - - - This design seems king of nifty, not something I would probably make, but unique looking. Seems like a simple enough pattern and that it would probably actually stand up to wear fairly well. There is an option for felting the rug and it would probably be a good idea, since some felting is going to naturally occur as people wipe their feet. Designer is Becca Smith and her website.

Whisper Cardigan - - - I am assuming from the pictures that this cardigan is in no way intended to be worn closed. If so, it looks nice, but maybe a tad small.*(edited)fit is much better on the designer in a picture on her blog* I understand that this is probably how the pattern was intended and I think this pattern has good potential, but I would probably modify it. Not a good variety of sizes to be knit. Designer is Hannah Fettig and this is her blog.

Sculptured Lace Scarf - - - Nice stitches used. Scarf looks warm, but not a scarf knitter. Designer is Kenny Chua and here is his blog. (already read it, it's a good blog)

Watered Quartz Tee - - - This is cute in a flash back to at least the 80's kind of way. Would I knit it, no, do I like the stitches that she used and the color change, yes and think it might look good in a more structured top. Designer is Teva Durham and here is her website.

Float Stole - - - Honestly love this. Still not a shawl knitter, but I love the simplicity, the line, and subtle color differences based on the stitches used. Very nice. Designer is Melinda C. Hunt and here is her blog

Bettie's Lace Stockings - - - Well, how could you not love these? Sadly, only one size and it is most definitely not my giant foot size, but I love these too much so in the future there may be some pattern modifications to make it fit my foot. I know I always say I am not girly, but sometimes I am. Love these. Designer, again, is Hana Jason, who doesn't seem to have a blog.

Parker Cardigan - - - Nice shape, but I think the stitches are overwhelming a bit. I think a nice stockinette on top or if the top stitch was used throughout would look much better. Is also knitted in pieces, not in the round, but could probably be modified. Designer is Deborah Newton.

Zickzack Tunic - - - Honestly, I would so wear this if I was smaller. In all honesty, I'd probably wear it at my size now if it wouldn't take so much freakin' yarn and take so long to knit! A very little bit of body shaping, is based on a bit of a snug fit. Designer is Melissa Wehrle, here is her blog. (already read it, good blog)

Michelle Vitale Loughlin:Finding an Artistic Voice Through Fiber - - - Wonderful little article about an artist, Michelle Loughlin, who uses fiber to make art, not in your traditional sense of fiber arts, but more of an abstract take on things.

Shaping Lace with Short-Rows - - This looks to be a beneficial article. It has good diagrams to go along with the explanations and explains how to do the math to figure things out.

*** Over all opinion: Yes, I know you may think what happened to me and that I sound like an IK lemming, but in all honesty, I think this was a great issue. Much better than the last few they have put out and definitely worth buying. I really hope this type of attention to detail continues to show. Only two garments didn't seem to fit the model, but it wasn't by much, and all of the rest were wonderful fits on the models. I hope Interweave realizes what a great thing it is to have garments that simply FIT the models. I also appreciate that they are including the designers' blog addresses in the pattern info and they also said how much ease the model was wearing the garment with. This is a great way for Interweave to really start out 2009 and hopefully they continue with another great issue for the summer.


  1. I like the Whisper Cardigan, possibly because I love Morehouse yarn, but for me it puts emPHAsis on the wrong syLAble. Or something.

  2. An exhaustive list. Thanks for providing links to the blogs too. I was looking for Andrea Pomerantz's. She doesn't seem to be on Ravelry so I had trouble finding her blog! :) And I agree with your assessment of melissa's (neoknits) blog. very readable and interesting, both for designers and knitters.