Thursday, February 26, 2009


Yes, I know you can't actually see it very well, maybe I will try to get an outside picture tomorrow. I enjoy working on it once I get on a roll and am not quite so scared that I will snap the skinny yarn. :) I think it is going to look nifty and should work well for my mom since it doesn't get quite so cold there. Everything will look better once it is blocked.

I have been working some on the Catherine Bear also, not too much, but it is more of quick knit. Really it is more that I don't have to worry about breaking the yarn, which means I can knit quicker and easier. I haven't worked too much on Vera's blanket, but I will.

School is somewhat annoying now, but it is really one specific class. The teacher is so unorganized and it makes the class difficult. If she was more organized the class really wouldn't be so hard. She does things out of order, like handing us out the rubric to an assignment AFTER we have already turned in the assignment. Bad turn around time on getting assignments back so we understand better how to do the next one.

I should have a blog review tomorrow also.

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