Tuesday, October 19, 2010



What's going on :
Not much, hurt myself again. Burned myself when stirring noodles and accidentally splashed burning hot water on my hand. Not too badly burned.

Finished Objects (FOs) :
~Blume Hat - - It's all done. Love it. It looks a little silly on me, cause it's mean to grace the head of someone who has a normal sized head!

~ Out of Yarn Ball (Rav Link) - - Love the way it turned out. It was a test knit. Will post the link when the pattern is up. I think it's planned for November 1st.

Knitting Works In Progress (WIPs) :
~Bowknit Bag - - Almost done. Cute little bag. Will link it also when the pattern comes out.

~I am also working on a second Out of Yarn Ball. Yes, it's just that cute, portable, and stash-busting.

Crochet Works In Progress (WIPs) :
~Bakers Dozen October Square - Loving how the colors are working with the pattern.

Sewing Works in Progress (WIPs) :
~Only washed the fabric for the potholder.
~Will be starting on brother-in-law's bandannas this weekend.

Tempting Ideas :
~Planning for next year and where and what I want to do with crafting. Want to set up craft-a-long lessons. Lots of ideas going through my head about how I want to organize and schedule things.

Favorite Thing :
~Being able to walk home. It's nice and relaxing. I am really starting to appreciate it. You see some odd things though.


  1. Take care of that burn! I'm itching for the ball pattern... maybe I could actually finish one of those?

  2. Sorry about the burn! Be careful! We are not the most graceful of people!

  3. Love the hat and the out of yarn ball. The bowknit also looks beautiful. Hope the burn is better!