Sunday, October 31, 2010



What's going on :
~Got some groceries today to try some of the recipes I've been posting! Super excited about that.
~Actually bought a book today. I use to read all the time before I crafted so much. Tami Hoag's Deeper Than The Dead. Love her suspense books! Would recommend if you like suspense with a bit of romance usually thrown in.

Finished Objects (FOs) :
Not a thing! :)

Knitting Works In Progress (WIPs) :
~Whirligig Shrug by Stefanie Japel.

~ Baby Hats - - I started on the baby version of the Brattleboro Hat!

Crochet Works In Progress (WIPs) :
~Baby booties! Finished the first one, except for the laces. Started on the second one.

Sewing Works in Progress (WIPs) :
~John's bandanna, still working on the first one. Going to cut the other ones tonight and pick out the stitches for them!

Tempting Ideas :
~Mosaic Knitting, for some reason I really want to do some more mosaic knitting. November's Bakers Dozen Square might be in mosaic knitting.

Favorite Thing :
~ Halloween!! Happy Halloween Everyone! This is my favorite holiday. Hope you all had a wonderful time! :)


  1. Happy Halloween!! I'm glad it is cooler, me and the dogs have purked up a bit!

  2. I liked teaching on Halloween. I had fun dressing the dogs up, even though they didn't like it so much.

  3. Lots of things going on! The little sneakers are really cute. Hope you had a fun Halloween!