Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Green won out

I went to JoAnn's today and was still dead set on the warm brown color for the back of the potholders. In my mind it would go perfectly with the pink/red colors. I was at least smart enough to bring one of the potholder tops with me. The brown did not look as good in person as it did in my mind. So I started holding it up to other colors.

This green won:


It really brings out the little bit of the pale green in the square and makes the potholder top look more like a flower, which I like. So I have decided on the backing. Now I just need to decide if there is any embroidery I want to do before I attach the back or if I want all the embroidery to be after I attach the back. Right now I am leaning strongly towards only doing embroidery after everything is all put together.


  1. I like the green a lot. The right brown would have worked, too, but I like it this way.

  2. Looks very bright and just right !!!:)) Good choice. Are you planning to do embroidery on the red/pink or on green?

  3. That shade of green is a favorite of mine right now, so of course I think it's the best choice! ;)

  4. I like the high contrast of the colors! I vote to put it all together and then embroidery on it. All over?