Monday, October 25, 2010

Moving it around a bit & Octobers Bakers Dozen Square

Well, it looks like Monday is really not a good day to record. I will be recording tomorrow. For the following weeks I think I am moving the video-blogging/podcasting time back to Sunday.

So instead we have an FO post for tonight! :)

I finished my Bakers Dozen Square and mailed it off last week. I love how it turned out even more after it was blocked. The bamboo worked so perfectly. After the new year I am considering buying myself some fingering-weight, hand-painted bamboo to crochet some curtains in this same stitch pattern.



Yarn : Exquisite Bamboo . . . I am using the other part of the FibraNatura Yarn that I unspun for Justice's socks. So this has only the bamboo singles in it.
Color: Fiesta
Content: 100% bamboo
Care: Machine wash warm or cold, dry on low

Hook : C / 2.5mm

Pattern: I am using the Crossed Topped Shells stitch from 280 Crochet Shell Patterns. I did modify it a bit. On the crossing section the patter says double crochet stitches, but this did not work for me at all and I used triple crochet stitch instead.

As with most of the squares I do for this, I had a hard time giving it away. Loved it! Wish I had time to take some better pics before I mailed it off.


  1. Stunning. I really love that square, and think it WILL make fetching curtains.

  2. I too like how this sample turned out!

  3. Oh wow! i love this! I like the colors also, It would be a beautiful curtain, I agree.

  4. Again, so interesting to see how crochet works with variegated yarns. Should make for some very nice curtains. =)