Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brave New Knits Review

Brave New Knits book, I recommend buying it!


  1. You and everyone else who has a copy! ;)

  2. LOVE everything you covered. I will definitely be getting this book!

  3. Jared Flood gave a talk at our knitter's guild this week; it was really fun to hear him talk about his knitting and photography. A lot of people were asking if knitting publications were moving toward hiring more photographers who knit, and the answer was definitely yes! It's probably worth buying the book just for the photos, but the stories sound really interesting, too.

  4. I have bought books on photos alone, I hate it when they don't give us a good idea of what it looks like.
    I don't like anything tight around my neck either.
    Love the double breasted lavender cardigan! I'm thinking I'm going to have to purchase this!
    I agree with your sock comments!