Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Goals

Well, I have realized that writing my goals on the first of the month just doesn't happen, so within the first week are okay with me too. I had goals for the month of March, but a shift in priorities changed that a bit. In ways, I have accomplished more than I expected to, in others less. My crafty goals will begin to become less achieved as I am pushing more exercise and health. Once I can ride my bike to work and back, there will be no more bus knitting time. As it gets nicer, I go for more and longer walks with Wookie - boy did he get exhausted from the dog park today.

I haven't been going in for much overtime the last few weeks, to kind of get a break from the four-five months before that, but now I will be going in early again, about 1.5 hours each day.  Not much, but it'll cut into available crafting time.  We are getting more serious about saving money for the house, so we are working hard to achieve those goals, we already have a saving account and are putting money in every month for our down payment.

Pattern Writing Goals:

Honestly, got no where with the goals set for last month, as the month moved along my goals shifted craft-wise and I am working on finishing up some older projects so they can be cleared out of the way. I still do want to do my design stuff, it's just taking a bit of a back table right now.  Before I was feeling guilty about this, but I am okay with it now, as it is needed.

Project Goals:
These are a continuation of last months goals.

~Finish up Vera's blanket, Ellie's blanket, Jacobus, and any socks on the needles for Justice - I am working on Vera's blanket on my breaks at work and am almost half way done with the squares, Ellie's blanket is still a bit of a conundrum while I work out exactly how I want to sew the blocks together, Jacobus has been in time out since Wookie got a hold of it and I have way too much yarn to untangle before I can start working on him again, and Justice's socks are still being worked on.

~A new project cannot be started unless one that is on the needles is finished. - So I have pretty much stuck to this and this is still a goal.

~Start Justice's blanket and blanket for the new baby - honestly haven't started these, but this is still in the goals. I was going to wait and have Justice pick the fabrics for it, but I have a wonderful idea and think I might go fabric shopping tomorrow. I have an idea for Liam's blanket, just haven't started it yet.

Health Goals:
Also continuations.

~Exercise for 20 minutes a day, 1 hour on the weekend.

~Get bike tuned up and take one bike ride a week when weather is nice enough - hasn't been consistently nice, lets face it, it's still quite early in Spring, but am going to try this week if it stays decent.

~Try riding bike to work one day.

~Continue eating more veggies and cut down on sugar intake - have actually been doing well on the eating more veggies, I make sure I have plenty cleaned, cut, and handy for when I want a snack. Cutting down on the sugar intake has been so/so.

This month is really a focus on will-power, happiness and achieving. I am trying to get my life into more things that make me happy and healthy . . . at least in the areas of my life where that is feasible! :) So I am trying to focus more and achieve.


  1. That's a lot of goals! They sound manageable, though. Hope you find more time to knit soon!

  2. Good job. Always good to allow for change.

  3. Good luck! Focus is a good thing.