Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Inspirations & A Tangent

First, lets have a tangent . . . I know I have been pretty absent this week, but I wanted you guys know that it was worth it. I have always been the type of person to approach exercise as "I need to be super cautious and take it slow to start" like as a fat chick I am incapable of doing too much. Part of me will admit that honestly, I have issues with the thought of being skinny, I associate it with negative things and some negative people. So part of me fights it and something just clicked last week, I think mostly in part to the willpower books I have been reading. I decided that if I want to be fit and healthy, I need to drown in it. It's the only way I am going to succeed.

So this week my goal has been to do 15 minutes stationary bike before work and 20-40 minutes of strength training/aerobic in the evening. I did miss a couple exercises due to being exhausted or tired, but otherwise, I did well. I did not restrict my diet in any way, just made sure that at work, I had plenty of clean, fresh veggies and fruits to snack on. This helped a lot, because honestly, I think I wasn't eating enough during the work part of my day and then would be tired and cranky after work due to being hungry. I have also started taking a very small iron supplement which has helped with my alertness.

Any who, I lost 5 pounds this week, which I know is mostly due to my body going from lame attempts at exercise, to really working hard for it and this is not normal, nor should it be. But it definitely helps me see that my hard work definitely is paying off.

I will talk more about my focus on adjusting my outlook in a few weeks when I discuss the books I am reading on willpower, motivation, and focus.

And now onto the inspirations . . .

Knitting Inspirations:

Chan's post about head bands really made me think that I need a couple myself, although I have a big issue with my gigantic head and headbands staying on it very well, so I have decided to try this unique method that uses a rubber band to help keep the size tight.

Sewing Inspirations:

Absolutely loving this block! Ah, I so have a sewing desire lately, but I am holding myself back!

Recipe Inspirations:

Anyone who looks at this Scalloped Potatoes and Ham and doesn't want to just dive into this dish must be crazy! I am making this today, already got the ingredients yesterday! P.S. Anyone who wants to get me a mandolin for my birthday can be my new BFF! :)

Another version of the stuffed biscuit thing that I am hoping to make, except gluten free instead.

I get on kicks, where I prefer certain kinds of foods and I am definitely on a Mexican kick lately, these Tomatillo Chicken Fajitas sound delicious!


  1. I love an i-cord, so I can't wait to try that headband. And someone else was singing the praises of a very similar recipe just yesterday. Anything with cheese, ham and a starch has to be incredible, right?!

    My body craves LOTS of exercise. As long as I am doing at least 45 minutes most days and have a couple of days of REALLY strenuous stuff, I can virtually "eat whatever I want" and maintain. Good luck!

  2. Good for you. Dive right in. Making a mental note of the birthday request.

  3. There's no substitute for just diving in, whatever you're doing. I find I usually get more results faster, and then that makes me more excited to keep going.