Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Inspirations

Recipe Inspirations:

I am a fan of enchiladas, period. So these Enchiladas Verdes sound yummy!

I have been on a huge Mexican kick and have been going to Chipotle about once a week. I would like to be able to make something similar at home, so I am going to try this Cilantro Lime Rice and try making my own burrito bowls!

The blog site for the Cilantro Lime Rice is a new one to me, called Skinny Taste. She has some interesting recipes and I recommend giving her site a try, the following are some recipes of hers that I thought sounded worth trying:

~Avocado Cilantro Buttermilk Dressing - - seriously? Gotta try it!

~Shrimp Salsa - - I seem to be on a seafood kick lately too

~Texas Cheese Fries - - who doesn't love these?! I think it might be worth trying these with Sweet Potatoes too.

~Crust Free Spinach and Feta Pie - - I have been trying more spinach recipes and think this is worth trying.

~Salisbury Steak with Mushrooms - - this actually sounds like a good version of it!

~Sweet and Fiery Pork Tenderloin - - This sounds yummy, I need to get one of those racks to put on my cookie sheets though!

~Coconut Shrimp - - ah, I would love to try a gluten-free version of these!

~Chicken Rollatini Stuffed with Zucchini - - this sounds yummy and makes another way I can incorporate zucchini!

~Flaugnarde of Mixed Berries (Clagoutis) - - This sounds delicious!

~Sesame Encrusted Baked Chicken Tenders - - I need to try a gluten free version of these.

~Chewy Granola Bars - - I have decided to try a version of these, will hopefully be posting about them soon!

Anyways, as you can see, plenty of good recipes and I only had time to look back through a fraction of her archives, only back to Jun 2011. I recommend you having a look if you are interesting in some good recipes.


  1. Chipotle's rice is one of the few rice variations I like. I'll be eager to hear how that works out.

    And I love sweet potato fries... and cheese... so what's not to love?!

  2. Never been to that restaurant. Good luck on the bars. I have yet to nail down a recipe I like. You should check out my Mexican cook book when you visit.

  3. Wow! That's a lot of inspiration! Sounds like you'll be eating well this week. =)