Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Words of Wednesday - Part of Covenant Series

Daimon: A prequel to Half-Blood, Half Blood, Pure

Types: paperback, kindle

Premise: Sometimes I think the more successful books use the current world in conjunction with their alternate world, as it leaves less to explain, get lost in. I guess technically that means they fall into the Urban Fantasy theory. In comparison to the Iron King, this is a good teenage story with a strong female character. She is a teenager, so she has all the indecision and such that goes with being young, but she also knows what she wants, who she is, and what she thinks is right. Sometimes she makes good decisions and sometimes not.

Alex lives in a world where she is considered a lesser class of being, there are only two main choices in life, go into servitude or fight to protect those who are considered her betters. For Alex it is an easy choice, but even as a fighter, many rules govern acceptable behavior. Unfortunately and fortunately, depending on the situation, Alex is stubborn, strong-willed, and sometimes just foolish. This behavior is seemingly her greatest weakness and most valuable asset, but the question seems to be, will it be her downfall or her rise to greatness?

Characters: Character development is done well in this book, since there are only a few characters play dominant roles it is easy to keep them separate and their personalities are distinct. The main character Alex is at conflict with herself often as she questions and defends her actions. The main character I think is intentionally made to be likable. She tries, but just as any of us, she has flaws and makes mistakes. Due to the storyline of the book, the other characters motives are kept quiet until the time arises.

Story Development: The story development seems to revolve around Alex and whether or not she will be a force of change within a society that treats her kind like they are varying degrees of nothing to an absolute abomination. Alex propels the story forward with each decision she makes, whether they are good or bad ones. The story revolves around class levels in society and what it means to be equal and have opportunities in life.

The biggest “perceived” evil are diamons, which are similar to a drug addicted vampire. However, the world is changing and the half-blood and pures are learning that diamons are more than they thought and it isn’t a good thing.

It is nothing complex, but it is compelling to read as the main class of pures are descendents of the gods, while Alex’s kind are only half-blood (the offspring of pures and mortals), and humans are considered a world apart. It makes an interesting position the half-bloods and pures are in, because society seems to be deemed by the will of the Gods and fear that they will be struck down if they do otherwise, however, there is also the concern that the Gods will not actually interfere and the pures continue this way of life to keep the half-bloods fighting their fights and scrubbing their toilets.

Couldn’t put it down/Could walk away at any time: I have definitely enjoyed this series so far. I will be waiting for the next installment. The only difficulty I had with this series was completely my fault, as I mentioned before most of the books I “read” are actually read to me by the Kindle’s Text to Speech option . . . these books are a lot of dialogue to push the story through and I had some trouble getting a little lost with the Kindle reading it to me.

Overall: Really liked this series so far. I think the concept is interesting and fairly believable. My favorite character so far is Seth, he’s a bit of an arrogant show off who has his own inner demons to wrestle with . . . I am hoping he does not end up being a bad guy!

These are a little more pricey than my usual books, but not too much.

Star Rating
: 4.5


  1. Is this pretty much the genre you stick to or do you like other types of books too?

  2. It won't surprise you that I'm not itching to read this. ;) I do love your review format though. I wish I could be so orderly in my reviews!

  3. Sounds like an interesting read! I agree that books that stick to reality at least a little bit are easier to follow; it's easy to get lost in someone else's vision of a world, unless they are a master storyteller.