Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pamela's Simplebites

I'm still trying Gluten-free prepackaged food, but not with as much vigor as before. There are just too many that my taste buds cannot adjust to. One of my disappointments with gluten-free food are the cookies, it's hard to make or buy good gluten-free cookies if you lived most of your life with the wheat version. I try hard not to compare gluten-free products to gluten products, but it's hard when you grew up on wheat.

These Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies which are part of Pamela's Simplebites, are good. I will admit they don't taste like wheat cookies . . . although, not sure after two years that I would remember what a wheat cookie actually tastes like . . . but they are very similar and quite yummy.

I have given up on trying to make my own chocolate chip cookies anymore and I just buy these.


  1. Buying cookies. You know that is against the law in my house. I think my next sister challenge will be to make you a cookie. NO person should have to go without a homemade cookies.

  2. I have always preferred to make my own cookies (wheat or otherwise). Still, it is nice to be able to get something off the shelf when you want it. It's hard to find good GF prepackaged, though. Glad to hear you're having some luck!