Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Words of Wednesday - Tormay Trilogy

The Hawk and His Boy, The Shadow at the Gate, and The Wicked Day

Types: Kindle

Premise: Steal a box without opening it . . . easy enough right? Not when nothing in Jute’s life seems to go right. Going from being an orphan of the streets, which was scary and violent enough, to being constantly hunted by dangers he never even dreamed. Jute’s life will never be the same, not only does his life become increasingly dangerous, but it also becomes so much more with his odd companions.

Characters: Jute starts out as an orphan and a thief. His friends can also be his worst enemy, a kid on the street would give up anything including their best friend for a bigger slice of the pie. One mistake on the biggest heist of his life and he will never be just a thief anymore. Ronan is a bad guy, with a twisted and hidden past, but can he kill a child and live with it? The worst and best day of Declan’s life is when he finds out Jute didn’t actually die, after all, no one should have survived that. As the main characters, they evolve so much.

Story Development: Jute has no say on his big mission nor does he know that the payoff is supposed to be so good that his life is no longer of any value once the job is done. They repeat to him so many times “do not open the box”, one mistake saves his life and sends him on a journey of learning who the bad guys really are and what friendship really means. Unfortunately it also means making some very hard decisions sometimes as good must outweigh bad, even if some have to be lost along the way. The land hasn’t seen the elemental people in a long time, but now they are returning to fight alongside Jute or against Jute?

A lot of the story is hindered or propelled by the fact that as wise as Jute is, he’s also still a little kid and behaves like it some of the time. Now sometimes this is good and sometimes this is bad.

Couldn’t put it down/Could walk away at any time: I did love this series and may reread it.

Overall: There are some slow parts but overall, definitely worth reading.

Star Rating: 4.5

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