Saturday, January 1, 2011

Doing vs Thinking about Doing

So, how do I feel about 2011? Not sure. 2010 was far too interesting for me, I am hoping that 2011 is more successful . . .more is accomplished or decided. 2010 felt so much up in the air.

What are my goals for 2011? Well they are simple. For life in general I have one goal - Do.

Yes, I know it seems to make no sense. But I like to plan, think about things, etc. which leads to not as much doing as I spend too much of my time thinking about doing things. So in 2011 I hope to do more.

I plan on continuing my process of getting healthier. I am going to have a bit more accountability. Hopefully with trying to have the attitude of do vs think, this will increase my progress. You will see more what I mean this week with Healthy Thursdays.

I also plan on doing a little more with the blog. I want to take the video stuff in another directions and do more "how-to" and "lesson" type stuff. Classroom type style stuff. We shall see how it goes. I hope to have something for that up soon.

Most of my goals simply revolve around the action of "Do".

I leave you with that as I go to actually Do some stuff! :)


  1. That is a good goal! Do vs thinking is important. I am glad 2010 is over. I am hoping 2011 is happy, safe, boring, and good.

  2. I like that philosophy. I too am more prone to thinking than doing. I'll have to work on that this year as well.

  3. I stopped making lists, a few years back, Maybe I should make one for this year. Even though it is belated now.