Sunday, January 9, 2011

Knitty - Deep Fall Review

Knitty Deep Fall 2010 Review! I know it is late, so lets get to it!

Beatnik - - Love the sleeve texture, sleeve length, and love the cables. I don’t like the way the yarn looks aesthetically. For the general look of the pattern, the first couple of pictures are lively, but not helpful in actually seeing the garment.

Eileen - - I think this is a lovely lace cardigan/jacket. The lace is nice and not over-done. Love the way the top of the shoulders come together. The range of sizing options is nice.

Mothed - - I understand the back story and it makes sense in an artistic way, but I don’t care for it as a functional piece of knitwear. Reminds me of Seattle’s 1990’s grunge.

Cadence - - I think this is cute. I love just the little detail at the top. The sleeve length is really nice. The neck is just too open, bra strap would show, not really wearable in the fact that it looks like it is going to fall off.

Vines - - Love the lattice stitch. The collar is way too wide and looks like it is going to fall off.

Lia - - In general I like this top. The cable work is nice. From the projects that have been completed on Ravelry, you really want a snug fit!

Scarlow - - Looks like a great jacket/comfort piece. Love the hidden colors in the sides and collar. The pockets and play with texture is great. This is not a knit that will make you appear slender though. I am very inclined to knit this.

Humphrey - - A nice man’s vest. I like the texture. The vest is both simple and interesting.

Carnaby - - I like the texture and design of this. I am not a fan of knitted skirts, but think this would make a cute skirt if sewn with similar visual patterned fabrics.

Indigenous - - Over all, I like the texture but the item seems “off” to me as a shawl. It seems a little heavy. I think it might look better as a blanket. I like the shot with it up above and the light coming through it.

Pretty Maids - - I really love the shapes and imagery within the lace. It reminds me more of masks or helmets, other parts looking like arrows. Makes me thing of tribal, ritual, war.

Bound by the Beauty - - I don’t have much of an opinion on this one. It would be nice if there were a picture of it flat so you could actually see the design on the cowl.

Eleanor - - I love the shape, it seems to fit nicely against the neck and not really gape. I am not personally a cowl person, but I could see knitting this as a gift for someone who is.

Crocodylia - - Interesting shape, but not really a scarf knitter.

Decembre - - It looks nice and warm. I like the color-work.

Mary Mary - - I don’t find this very interesting. The lace pattern is buried under the many colors of the yarn.

Rodekool - - Cute, but looks like it is more for looks as it doesn’t seem to cover enough of your neck.

Brambles - - First off let me say I love the fact that she took a little more time to make the hat have three depth options. I think it is cute and I love the texture. It is another one of those items that comes close to being overdone, but isn’t quite there. This is something I might knit. I like the cables and it looks very architectural.

Stitches in Time - - I could see knitting this specifically to be used as a period piece, but other wise, it’s just odd. It doesn’t seem to cover enough of anything to be of use.

Rebecca - -A simple cute cabled hat. Do not like the use of the other color on the top though.

Spry - - Love it! Simple and yet complex, definitely want to knit one!

Riff - - Love the sizing options. Yet another design that is simple, yet complex. I love that combination.

Nemesis - - I love all the detail and intricacies of this pattern. This would be something I would consider knitting, but more for the process.

Kilravok - - Nice and could be knit just as regular socks or knee-high like socks.

Ringwood - - Absolutely love the texture! Love the button on the wrist too. Am considering knitting myself a pair.

Cuckoo - - These seem a little overly complicated to me. Not much of a mitten fan in general though.

Scare Isle - - A cute and colorful Halloween hat.

Chow - - Yeah, don’t much get this. I mean, I see it as the training device it is based off of, but that’s it. Why knit it?

Caireen - - I like how this is more between a shawl and a scarf. The cables are nice and the size looks very functional. This is also a consideration to knit.

Motley - - Don’t so much get the holes. I do not find them aesthetically pleasing and thing they would diminish the warmth provided by the wrap too much. I could see it more as a cotton garment for the summer.

Overall, there are some really cute and visually interesting patterns. I hope to knit a few things from this issue. What did you guys think of this issue?


  1. Caireen is probably my "most likely to get knitted" from this issue... maybe. I always enjoy your reviews!

  2. Whew, this is a long one, very detailed!
    Ones I might actually knit are Eileen,Indigenous (probably will knit),and Spry!
    Ones I like but would knit? Mothed, Cadance (neck too wide for me),Carnaby, Chow (adorable!), Motley, (like this very much, would I actually knit it? I would like to!

    (your Humphrey link is broken,Carnaby also/
    Take care