Monday, January 17, 2011

Knitty Winter 2011

Knitty Winter 2011 is up! And I finally have a review out again in decent time.

~Diversify - - Usually not a cowl person, because honestly, I don’t think they give enough coverage. I am very adverse to the cold and look like an over bundled child when I got out. Which is one of the reason I love this cowl. I love the big bulky yellow one that is wrapped around twice. This is my kind of bundling up!

~Fleece - - Love the movement in the stitch pattern. Cannot tell if I like the color variation or not as it hides some of the lace stitches. It would be nice to see an alternative version in a solid.

~Palisander - - I love how it truly is reversible. The stitch pattern on both sides is nice. If I was more of a scarf person, I would definitely knit this.

~Gweneira - - Looks like a super comfy shawl! Maybe a little over board in size, but will definitely work well.

~Cartouche - - A lovely shawl. I really like the texture and detail in it. This is definitely a shawl I would take the time to knit. Her explanation also convinces me that I really need to save up for Japanese Stitch Dictionaries!

~Thruway - - Unfortunately not a fan of most art yarns and this is not aesthetically appealing to me. The different colors and different textures are not compatible or pleasing with each other. There is simply too much variation.

~Glass - - I like the simplicity of the overall pattern which draws the eye to the detailed waist. The waist detail is well done and the shape of the detail makes the waist look smaller. Also love the seed stitch hem and bands, but we all know I am a sucker for seed stitch. The only change I would make, would be to make it just a bit longer after the waist detail is done, probably about 2 inches. As is, it is at a length I find uncomfortable and would be constantly trying to pull it down. I hope I have time to knit this.

~Lady Lovelace - - Not a fan of bulky yarns in clothing. Also, this is something that would be meant to keep you warm, after all, it is Merino Wool. Yet the bulky nature makes the lace holes even larger. Seems to contradictory to me. In a thinner yarn and in a cotton blend, I could see it as a nice Spring or Fall garment, but not as is.

~Joanie - - I love the top picture, but that’s pretty much as far as it goes. When it is buttoned up, the neck opening it too open for me, it doesn’t remind me of a cowl, as it sits too far away from the neck. I would probably like it more if it was more like a turtleneck, closer to the neck. The ribbing and cabling doesn’t help the fit and makes it look odd as it cinches in some places and bags in others.

~Constantine - - I like to look of this, just not a cape person. As with the cowls, not enough warmth, too drafty.

~Jacqueline - - Love the texture on the body of the top. The button band is unflattering and needs reinforcement so it doesn’t pull oddly at the buttons. One someone so small, it just looks sloppy, on someone larger it will make them look even larger than they are. Again, the cowl top is too open for me, it would let too much of the cold in.

~Shetlander - - Love the leaf motif used on the one side of the fingerless mitts. The colorwork here is nice and not overdone. I am considering knitting a pair.

~Shelburne - - Nice texture, not a mitten person, but these look very comfy.

~Chrysanthemums - - Again, not a mitted person, but the color work is nice. It looks very feminine.

~Java - - Love the texture and movement in the pattern. Simple yet complex. These are on my list to possibly knit.

~Sweeheart - - Interesting design, I can see the heart pattern if I look for it, but it looks more like little heads in ski masks to me.

~Maeva - - Interesting cabling on the sides. Very visually interesting. This is something I might knit just for the process of it.

~Southern Lights - - Cute hat. I love the earflaps, would probably keep the pompoms on the strings, but not the top of the head. Nice, simple, useful.

~Rock Creek - - The texture and depth created by the two colors works very well. Cabling works well too. Only sizes small and medium though, which will not fit my large head. Too bad, it’s a cute hat.

~Undergrowth - - Cute hat, love the colorwork. However, since when is an adult Large equal a circumference of 21.5? Usually color work is not that stretchy, so I doubt it stretches out to fit a large head.

~Quest - - Cute hat options, yet again, how does a 20.5 inch circumference equal a large?

Overall, there are some nice patterns, but not many things I really like. How about you? What do you think? Anything you feel is a must knit?


  1. I like Fleece, and I agree with you about the colors. I might knit Undergrowth, and if I do I'll make it work for my head (22"). And I like Rock Creek, same there, need a bigger size.

  2. Okay... I have a smaller head albeit made larger (for sizing purposes) by a thick wad of hair. I'm not sure *I* could wear a 21.5, much less anything smaller. Crazy.

  3. Actually, I like a lot of them. I probably won't end up knitting them, but I like the ideas. Favorites: Fleece, Cartouche, Glass, Java, and Maeva. Not bad for one issue of a free magazine!

  4. Goodness I can't keep up with you! I'll have to read this in depth.
    As always love your reviews!
    I'm in need of some knitting inspiration