Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wildwood Romper

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Baby Steps
Color: Lavender and Baby Pink
Content: 100% acrylic
Care: Machine wash and dry
Needles: US 7
Pattern: Wildwood Romper
Size : 3 months

The flash makes the buttons look all different colors, but they are all a medium purple. I think it turned out quite cute.

The back, you can kind of see the little short-row increases for the butt.

The collar, this is more the true color of the buttons.

The lace panel. The buttons look too dark here.

The textured cuff.

Overall, this was a good knit and I think it made an adorable end product. I hope it ends up fitting her well and that they like it. I may be making a couple things to match it . . . but we shall talk about those at a later date.