Thursday, January 13, 2011

Healthy Thursday

Well, this week was trying to get back into good habits. Little stress in that I have been trying to get more sleep, but my body is use to getting less and tends to wake up after about 6 hours and it's restless sleep for the rest of the night with feeling a little sleepy during the day. Hoping after a while though, this will stop and sleep will be good throughout the night. Been having a few nightmares too, but hopefully those will go away when stress lessens.

*Sleep will always apply to the night before, going into that day. So Friday's sleep, is really the sleep I had Thursday night going into Friday morning. I think this is better, because this has more of a direct effect on the following day and how I do.


Exercise= 31 Minutes on the Wii, mostly balance games, my calves got a nice work out.

Sweets= Ate a half a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Fro-Yo Fish Food.

Sleep/Mood = Last night I got about 7 hours of sleep, not all of it good sleep though. Was supposed to find out this week if I got the reception job I applied for, so I figured since I had not found out yet, Friday would definitely be the day . . . nope. Guess the anxiousness moves into the next work week!


Exercise= 30 Minutes on the Wii, did some yoga and balance games.

Sweets= Ate the other half a pint of Ben & Jerrys Fro-Yo Fish Food.

Sleep/Mood= Got a little less than 8 hours of sleep. Had to set the alarm to get up, which I usually don’t on a weekend, but we had an appointment to take the silver car in to get repaired. My husband was rear-ended a few days before in the snow on his way to work, when the guy behind him was rear-ended and pushed into our car. No one got hurt badly and the poor kid at fault was frantic and felt horrible, I hope things go well for him; he pretty much totaled his car.


Exercise= Arm exercises with weights (about 15 minutes) plus all the hand-spindling I did today gave my arms a work out, plus since it makes me sit more upright, my abs and back got a small work out.

Sweets= One single serving pudding cup.

Sleep/Mood= Got about 9.5 hours of sleep last night. It was good sleep, but felt like too much compared to what I normal get and the day was a little slow and groggy.


Exercise: None, too tired. The shift from the weekend to waking up early on Monday never goes well for me as a natural night person.

Sweets: 2 pudding cups

Sleep/Mood: About 6 hours of not good sleep. Very restless because I wasn't necessarily tired enough to lay down to sleep.


Exercise: Arm exercises with weights, 5lbs 1 rep of 15 for each exercise. 15 crunches and 10 side crunches on each side.

Sweets: None

Sleep/Mood: 7 hours. Restless sleep again and I've been waiting to find out if I got the job I applied for and have been a little stressed about it.


Exercise: 21 Minutes of the Wii in the morning. Trying to get into a new cycle of Wii in the morning.

Sweets: Medium bowl of ice cream.

Sleep: 7 hours, restless again. Tired during the day. Found out that day that I got the job I had applied for.


Exercise: Will being doing my arm exercises and crunches once I hit "Publish Post".

Sweets: 1 Pudding cup

Sleep: 8 hours. Wow, slept crappy last night. Actually the first 6 hours were great, except I woke up from a nightmare at the end of the 6 hours and then the next two hours were super crappy restless sleep. Day was a little stressful trying to get things in order for being hired and tomorrow will be weird and busy too with drug tests and the stuff they want me to fill out on the computer not working correctly. The drug place is only open while I am at work too, so I'll have to take the car . . . not the bus tomorrow, so I can leave work and go to the drug testing place.

Weight: 278.8 (up 1.6lbs since last weigh in on Dec 9th) Can not believe that cold stuff lasted a whole month!

Overall, good week in some ways, just stressful and restless. I am hoping that once the stress eases, so will the pounds! :) Here is to a three day weekend coming up. I hope all of you can find some time to take care of yourselves this week.


  1. Enjoy your three-day. I actually have to work a full week for the first time in a long while, and I'm glad; it means Sissy doesn't have an appointment.

  2. Hope the sleep goes better this week now that you know you have the job. Sorry about the nightmares, I have those pretty much every night so I feel you.