Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Matching Baby Hat

Here is a baby hat I made to match the Wildwood Romper. This is the 0-3 month size and I will be making a 3-6 month size. Heads tend to run large in my family, so who knows which size she'll need when her body is about a 3 month size. :)

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Baby Steps
Color: Baby Pink
Content: 100% acrylic
Care: Machine wash and dry
Needles: US 6 / 4mm
Pattern: No pattern, this is my own.
Size : 0-3 months


This one is a simple version, because I want to get my numbers right for the plain before I try designing anything more complicated with the little hats. So expect to see more hats in the future . . . plus I might be making something else to match also, come back tomorrow to see.

* * * * *

On a side note, I am still going to try to be as active on the blog, in fact, I have lots of ideas for things to do with the blog there just never seems to be enough time in the day. However, in the mean time, I am trying to make getting healthier a priority, which unfortunately means a priority even over crafting. If I don't, I'll never take the time, since crafting takes up so much of my time. So things may be coming out a little slower, but I will still be here.


  1. Love that hat! What a great shape. Be well. It takes a while to get back to 100% doesn't it?

  2. Small heads don't run in his side either. He jokes that the head alone is going to weigh six pounds. The hat is very cute!!

  3. Cute hat! I'm looking forward to seeing the design evolve.