Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Inspirations

Isn’t Joris beyond adorable!?! I am so getting this pattern when it comes out and knitting one of these guys!

I love this Rainbow Bag! Simple and cute!

Love these little Bird Seed Rings, but I fear where I live it would only encourage the squirrels.

Recipes I’d like to try:

Egg Rolls Recipe. I like the explanation in this recipe and made me realize maybe I can find some gluten free spring roll wrappers, I know it is possible to find ones made with rice flour!

I’ve never got up the gumption to make Eggplant Parmesan before, but my sister just makes it looks so easy that I think I will try a gluten-free version this week.

* * * *

Going to admit that I am disappointed no one wants to participate in the Pay It Forward.


  1. I would but I am not crafty! That egg roll recipe is one of the first ones I looked at that inspired me as well, now I have a whole book on them!

  2. Eggplant Parm is a favorite of mine, but I don't make it. One of my former co-workers ROCKED it... I need to email his parents and ask for his recipe/email...

  3. Thanks for linking to my rainbow bag and your nice comment!

  4. Joris is adorable! I think I would knit him as well.
    I thought about what paying forward means, and I didn't think this kind is just what I think it should be. Many years ago I read a blog from a person in another part of Canada. Reading it for some time, I felt compelled to sent him some spinning fiber. He was pleasantly surprised and asked how he could do ME a favor, so I told him to pay it forward. Which he did, and I could read about it on his blog. I'd rather do random acts of kindness throughout the years, which is way more satisfying to me, when I see the surprise in the faces of strangers. Of course, it's not always that I see the reaction close up, but that does not matter.
    Plus, if people read they have to do this for 5 people, i think it's too high a number. why not just do it for one? It's more likely to get a response.
    Anyway, paying if forward is a really good thing!

  5. Joris is very cute. I'm not sure if I'd go to the trouble of making seed cookies (effectively) for the birds! Somehow I think they'd be just as happy with a feeder, and the squirrels would love the portability of the wreaths. =)