Saturday, August 28, 2010

Going into battle . . .

The name of the Brattleboro Hat makes me think Battle, instead of Brattle. Which makes me think this was the perfect pattern to use for a chemo cap. Mami_dearest on Twitter is knitting chemo caps for her cousin Becky who has breast cancer. I offered to help her out and knit a cap.

Brattleboro Hat

Brattleboro Hat

Brattleboro Hat

Yarn : Cotton Ease
Color : Stone
Content : 50% Cotton / 50%Acrylic
Care : Machine wash and dry
Needles : US 8 / 5mm
Pattern : Brattleboro Hat from IK Fall 2010
Modifications : Knit brim as one piece instead of binding off and picking up those stitches again.

Overall, the pattern was really quick. I knit it up in one night. I would have to adjust it to make it larger if I wanted to make one for myself, but I can definitely see using this pattern again. The hat ended up nice and squishy and stretchy . . . everything a hat should be. I would recommend this pattern.

Giving is always better than receiving, many positive thoughts to Becky as she goes through her treatment and kicks cancer's butt.


  1. That is very sweet of you. Hopefully she makes it through her battle quickly! Well wishes to her. As for the hat, that is awesome, really neat style, but still clean and elegant looking. Really like it.

  2. How sweet! I have seen this pattern and thought it looked cute. So many of them are obviously chem caps. This one has some style!
    Good choice

  3. Love the play on words there. That's a very nice hat. You're such a kind knitter!