Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly Update #10

~Justice's Gifts : My sister Echo and my niece Justice are quite creative. They should have a blog of their own . . . that they use . . . hint, hint, hint. :)

~Toe : Yeah, tripped over part of the exercise bike and hit my toe just right. It's all purple/red colored. My toenail is messed up, you know, all the lovely things. It's hurts less if I tape it to the other toes, so that is where it'll be for a while.

~Elijah : All finished, just need to embroider eyes.

~Bakers Dozen Square : Almost done with the textured square.

~Blume Hat : Frogged, dyed more yarn, changed to size 2 needles, and am alternating skeins.

~Shetland Pi KAL : Wendy of Wendy Knits is have a Shetland Pi KAL. Here is the (RAV Link) also. Done with section 1 and can't wait for section 2! (miss spoke in the video, part two is out on Wednesday)


  1. Sorry 'bout the toe. I somehow ripped most of my left little toenail off yesterday, and didn't even notice until Sis stepped on what was left behind...

    Still longing for the right yarn for the KAL. I might be within a few blocks of a yarn shop with another knitting friend today...

  2. Sorry about your toe, drat!
    Elijah is looking great!, Love the BD square, homemade paper is fun! You should go for it! Wow you all are a creative family!
    Dyeing to match is almost impossible!! You should put your video blog on Itunes!
    I like the shawl, I haven't gotten much knitting done on my end!
    Take care

  3. Hope your toe starts feeling better. Yes, when you break a toe since there isn't much they can do they usually tape it the other toes for support! Makes it feel better.

  4. Yay for finished elephants! The BD square and shawl look beautiful. I love the color transitions in the shawl - it's going to look great. Hope your toe feels better soon!

  5. Poor toe. I'm good at doing things like that. At least we can sit down and still create. Thanks for commenting on my blog.