Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Inspirations

~Starting in the round trick for hats and toys. This may already be known to some, but I've never seen this little trick for knitting.

~Adorable Shirred Skirt Tutorial. This is cute and this type of skirt would actually be something I would consider wearing. Normally I am not a skirt girl. Very cute.

~Summerflies is a lovely little shawlette pattern from the Holly and Ella Knits blog. The one knit up by Stefanie Japel was first to catch my eye and led me to this pattern. I think it is adorable.

~Patchwork Cube Tutorial is quite nifty. This tutorial I find in a blog post from Fiber Farm. Nifty block and would make a great child's toy . . . would I have the patience to make it though . . . that is the question.


  1. Summerflies is showing up all over my Rav-stalking. I could be tempted too, if I didn't have a host of WIPs already.

  2. Thanks for the links! The skirt tutorial is pretty interesting...I might need to think about a gathering foot someday soon.

  3. Hey! useful trick for the knitting! Thanks! Skirt is cute also.
    I'm waiting for it to cool off. I'd like to plant some mumms. I'm in the mood for fall.