Saturday, August 14, 2010

Knitty Fall 2010 Review

Knitty Fall 2010 Issue Review!

And those that fall in between
~Perlieu : I am usually not a fan of art yarns, but the yarns used in the pictures works wonderfully with the pattern. Although I am not sure it would be anything special if a non-art yarn were used.

~Iced : I like the style/shape of the garment. Not a fan of the chunky yarn/gauge though. I would make the sleeves go down to the wrists and make it so the bottom hem didn't roll up. Love the buttons. I do not like that there is no pictures of how they want the snaps put on.

~Victoria : This has all the features of a nice comfy sweater. As always, I am a fan of the textured stitches. I like the way the collar can sit many different ways. I like that even though the body is baggy, the arms are fitted. I could see myself making this.

~Trout River : I like this solely as the vest. I am not a legwarmer person and the idea of the sleeves being buttoned on are not appealing to me. i like the addition of the variegated yarn to the hems to add a little color. The waist shaping makes for a good fit.

~Lamina : I think the pattern and yarn look wonderful together. A little too girlie for me, but aesthetically is it very pleasing.

~Ms Clarke : I like this. It has a similar look as the Echo Flower Shawl. The geometric edging is lovely. The color works well with this. I am personally not a bead person, but the beads do look nice in this pattern.

~Kink : Honestly, a little too girlie for me and I am not much of a cowl person. However, it is a cute decorative piece.

~Mystery + Manners : In general I am not a fan of mittens. The colorwork is lovely and looks very well designed.

~Eda : Also not a fan of wrist warmers. I don't see their purpose. I like the Roman Column type look the design has though.

~Minty : This looks like a nice slouchy hat. I don't like how the X appears on the back of the red and white one. This looks like something my sister, Echo, would adore so I may knit this one.

~Coralie : This is far too girlie for me. I am also not sure I like the look of knitted earrings in general.

~Mad for Plaid : I like the theory of these socks, I think they just need to be evolved and tweaked. There are only two stripes in the front and two in the back. The sides look too plain. I understand that the heel was left in stockinette for color reasons, but it wouldn't be snug enough to fit my feet well. An interesting concept, I just think more needs to go into it.

~Flo : The history of the pattern is cute and the elephant is cute. Not enthused about seaming. The shape of the trunk is bothersome in the way it tapers.

As always, I would love to hear your opinions of the patterns. Let me know how you like this way of presenting the reviews compared to my other ways.


  1. I agree completely with your review! Gretchen actually seemed to watch it with me. Sissy was more interested in the bowl of cereal...

  2. Heading to Knitty to check out the in-betweens. That open front cardi has me thinking.