Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekly Update #12

Since I am definitely sticking with the video blogging/ video podcasting, I am trying to bring a little more structure to it. So the next few weeks will probably be some transition as I figure out how I want to situate it.

What's going on : Elmwood Festival of the Arts was this weekend. One of the joys of where I live, I walk out my front door and am surrounded by the festival. Some lovely things, just wish I could afford them! ☺

Doctors appointment is this Wednesday. I know it's wishful thinking to think this appointment will clear everything up, but I am still hoping.

Finished Objects: No finished objects this week.

Knitting Works In Progress:
Shetland Pi Shawl - Started Clue 4, the rounds are so long now, that the slow gradation of the yarn is completely lost. Still like it so far, we shall see how it goes.

Cloud Chaser - Have made it past binding off for arm holes on the back piece. Hoping to finish it in time for the cooler weather. Love cabling.

September Bakers Dozen Square

Yoga Socks

Crochet Works In Progress:
Vera's Blanket using the Esther's Square. Square Countdown = 8/48

Sewing Works In Progress:
Raw Edge Circle Quilt - Little Pea's Quilt is slowly being worked on. I am counting on him not arriving until February when he is due. ☺ (I am assuming he is a boy . . . but they don't find out for a couple more months.) Square Countdown = 6/64

Giraffe from Soft Animals A to Z by Carolyn Vosburg Hall. Cut out pieces and just starting to sew them together.

Tempting Ideas :
Hairpin Lace - Ah, this is something I repeatedly look at because of how beautiful it is. A few inspirational patterns I would like to try (RAV Links):
Lotus Smock - Love it and it looks good on multiple body types.
Village Summer Skirt - I am usually not a fan of fiber skirts, but love this and the hippie look of it.
Hairpin Lace Shawl - Love how this coupled with crochet looks so delicate.
There are many more beautiful patterns and projects in hairpin lace and I am trying hard to resist starting one of these. We shall see if I can resist.

Favorite Thing:
Celestial Seasonings Tea - I have been drinking a lot of tea this week. I love the Black Cherry Berry mixed with the Lemon Zinger. I use my tea maker to make a big strong batch and drink it for the next few days mixed with a little honey and ice cubes. I love Celestial Seasonings because each flavor states whether it is gluten free! Plus, they have great flavors.


  1. I like CS teas in my Mr. Coffee Iced Tea maker thingee...

    Good luck with the doctor. I need to keep a food journal and figure out for sure what my problem is... I think it's soy powder.

  2. Good luck tomorrow.. it isn't wishful thinking. You never know, all could be cleared, hopefully that is what will happen. Let me know how the appointment goes! Projects are looking good. Only one more month till we find out whether it is a boy or girl!

  3. O Gosh, I need to have a notebook devoted to your blog ideas, I get so many good ones here.
    I love tea myself! I'm glad the weather is cooling off and I can enjoy it again.
    Good luck with the Dr's appt.
    The festival sounds like it was great!
    The shawl is so beautiful! I love the colors!
    Cloud Chaser looks great!
    Yoga socks look good too, I almost made a pair, but decided I would just stick with socks, now I'm rethinking that!