Monday, August 2, 2010

Video Blogging #8

~Cloud Chaser : Made some noticable progress this week during breaks at work. All most to the point on the back to start arm holes.

~Bakers Dozen Square for August : Working with some textured stretch yarn in a lace pattern.

~Spinning : Had to wind off my spindle due to singles breaking.

~Beaded Rings : The beginning of my adventure into beaded rings.


  1. Sorry about the spinning. That's very frustrating. Of course, you know I find the spindle in general very frustrating... I need to practice. Maybe in the fall?

  2. I can't believe how much you are getting done on the cloud chaser! It looks so nice. I'm struggling with a sock!
    Love the Bakers Doz. square, nice pattern with the lace and the color.
    Your spinning looks devine! I have plyed and started knitting, when I'm still spinning singles also. Hey live dangerously. (it does really motivate me)
    The beading looks nice, I'm not a beader. I'm envious!
    I feel like a slug now, compared to your progress.

  3. The Cloud chaser is looking beautiful. I love the way that yarn highlights the texture. You're going to love the final product!

    Sorry to hear about the car troubles...hope they were easily (and cheaply) fixed!