Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Interweave Knits Fall 2010 Review

Interweave Knits, issue Fall 2010!

Best Liked:
Leyfi Pullover
Breacan Swing Coat
George Street Pullover and Cowl
Elementary Vest

Least Liked:
Point Gammon Pullover
Inversion Gansey
Running Stitch Skirt

Those the fall in-between:
Brattleboro Hat - - This is a book excerpt from New England Knits. It is cute, but I don't like the way the button band is finished. I have made this hat now and recommend knitting the band whole and not picking up stitches later. Love the textured stitch and think this hat could be worn by many different types of people.

Alpen Socken - - Lovely cabling detail! Not over designed. Leaving the bottom of the foot in stockinette makes a nice contrast. The picot top works well with the design. I appreciate that there is more than one size option.

Proverbial Cap - - Again, love the cabling detail in this also. Nice symmetry. Only one size is given, which isn't good for use larger skulled beings, however it could easily be knit up in a larger gauge.

Bavarian Tulip Mittens - - Not a lot to say, but that is because I am not a mitten fan in general. The cabling is nice and works well with the shape of the mitten.

Leitmotif Cardigan - - Lovely cable designs. I like the interesting construction. I am not a fan at ALL of hook and eye closures, especially with knit garments, but that can be easily changed. The pictures Interweave has do not fit the model well, I recommend looking at the designer's post about the garment, it is much more appealing in her post.

Hawthorn Pullover - - I like the cable ribbing and it looks like it makes a nice fabric. This sweater has the comfy appeal. I would love to see it with some waist shaping though, maybe at the sides. I think this would be a great top with the waist shaping.

Plein Air Tote - - Love the cabling detail and the structured look. The construction is interesting and I think it would make a durable bag. It's a bit big for me, but I think about 2/3rds that size would be nice. Not saying I am going to make one . . . not saying that I am not going to though either. ☺

Cloisonne Jacket - - Again, hate hook and eye closures! The jacket however is adorable. I'd probably use a lovely variegated yarn instead of the blue. The colorwork is nicely designed and I love how she ties it back in with the lace bottom. This still looks good even though there is no shaping due to how the top is meant to be worn. the small collar is just the right size. This garment is versatile and could be worn in many settings. Would probably change the sleeve length to either wrist or elbow so the sleeve and hem did not end at the same length.

Pizzicato Scarf - - Not sure. Looks like a comfy scarf, but doesn't seem like anything special. Shift in ribs is hard to see in this yarn.

Sea And Sky Shrug - - Not personally a shrug person, but I think this is cute and well fitting. I like how the sleeves are a little longer than the body. It looks very flattering on the model.

Family Pillows - - Nice smaller colorwork projects. The argyle one is well done. Plaid one is interesting and I like the texture on it due to the raised stripes. The bolster definitely has a nice woven look to it.

Slanting Plaid Stole - - Interesting, but nothing special. It is a simple and nice design.

Peavey Jacket - - A nice big comfy sweater. This could work for a man or woman. Plaid colorwork is well done. The textured collar echos the pattern in the alternating sections. Love how the bottom is left in pattern. I think for a man this might look better with a thin collar that extended up from the button band.

Chiral Cardigan - - Interesting construction. Feminine, but not overly so. Would probably choose more subtle buttons. I love how the rest of the cardigan was left simple to draw attention to the front ruffle. The waist shaping in this also help the fit. I like that the sleeves are fitted. If I was a little more girlie, I would probably make this.

Williamsburg Cardigan - - Love the look of this comfy cardigan. The texture is subtle but wonderful. A nice layering piece. Would probably shorten the length so the hem and cuffs of the arm did not end at the same place. The buttons work well in this. Waist shaping might look good in this, but the loose style works without it.

Tamarix Quilt - - Love the geometric detail in this. I also like the big blanket projects that are knit in pieces because it makes it more portable. The simplicity of the mitered square in a lovely design. This is a likely future project.

Hoarfrost Mobius - - Interesting looking. Love the delicate look. I have never knitted with a steel blend, so I am not sure about that. So thin and lacey that is is definitely meant more for looks than any practical use. It is a pretty accessory though.

Arching Cables Jacket - - Surprisingly I think this is a cute layering piece. The construction is interesting. The belt feature is thick enough to work well as the the only part that closes the garment. Not over designed. The collar is a good size to match with the other ribbing sections. Not sure if this would look as nice on a bigger girl though.

Overall :
I like that this issue had focus items with the cabling and the colorwork. It brings more structure to the issue. Plus these are two areas that I enjoy. I think this is one of their better issues. I like the photo index in the back, which also has the page number of the pattern. I think they still have some issues with the clothing to wear with the featured pattern, but it was better this time.

Would love to hear your opinions on the issue and the style of review? Which way do you like better?


  1. I flicked through this issue and didn't get one. But after reading your positive review perhaps I will. Really like the Brattleboro hat.
    And speaking of like - I love the new design of your blog-vErY gRooVy!

  2. I'm going to have to give the Williamsburg a second glance. I don't recall anything really catching my eye at the time...

  3. I looked through this issue, fast, at the bookstore, and didn't buy it. Now I'm thinking I'll take a second look!
    I like the way you did the review here!

  4. I really like the George St pullover, too. And I don't understand knit skirts.