Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Inspirations

~Toddler Socks - - This pattern is simple and gives multiple sizes. I think this is nifty, because often you don't see a lot of info on making little kids socks, just adult socks. Will definitely knit up some of these soon for my niece Vera.

~Baby Top - - (Rav Link) I love the simplicity of this baby top. Plus it's a little more realistic in it shape. This would be easy to increase the size to whatever you needed. I think this would be a wonderful item for Little Pea who will arrive when it's still a little cold . . . so Rhoni, sister of mine, what colors should I choose?


  1. Can I get back to you in 7 weeks! :) I would go with a white or yellow!

  2. The baby vest is very cute! I have a little niece coming this winter...I should probably start thinking about that kind of thing, huh?