Monday, August 9, 2010

Knitscene Fall 2010 Review

The weekly update will be up tomorrow as we had some camera battery difficulties. Instead today with be the Knitscene Fall 2010 Issue Review. This is the regular walk through type of review. Later this week I will also be posting the Interweave Knits and Knitty reviews, but will be trying a new format of doing them. I would love any feedback.

As always these are just my opinions and would love to hear what you guys think of the patterns.

There is a pattern in here that I dyed up some yarn this weekend for. Can you guess which one?


  1. I'm guessing the vest that shows in video #2 while it is just "sitting" there???

    I've never bought a Knitscene that I recall... Might have to find this one.

  2. This is a really good edition of Knitscene. Thanks for the preview!

    I'm bad at guessing, but I'll go with the Alexandra hoodie. I love the essayist...too bad I can't wear tunics to save my life!

  3. I usually don't find Knitscene appealing, but your review is excellent and I think it will be a purchase. Love how you incorporated multiple views with your review.

  4. Thanks! I'm going to put this on my list of things to buy!