Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekly Update #9

Welcome back, this is a longer podcast/video blog than normal. Hope you enjoy!

~Dyeing : Had lots of fun doing some dyeing. Hopefully I can do some more before summer ends.

~Blume Hat : I am making nice progress because most of it is stockinette stitch. Hoping I have enough yarn. There is still a small amount of residual dye, so my fingers will be staying pink until I finish. This is the first time I have used the cable cast on method, this YouTube tutorial was very helpful.

~Bakers Dozen Squares : Trying to work a few rows on these each day so I am done in time. Here are the pattern pics for the squares I am working on:

This is the one I am using the Bernat textured yarn with.
BD August

This is the one I am making with the TLC Cotton Plus.
BD August

~Vera's Blanket : This works up quick and easy. This is definitely going to be my carry around project for a while again. The pattern I am using is called Esther's Square.

~Raw Edge Circle Quilt : Moving along on this. I hope to get all the circles cut out this week. Will let everyone know how the Paper Mate Flair pens work.

~Spinning : I caved and plied, but still have been spinning. I can't wait to finish up the yarn. I think it is most definitely going to be a mini shawl/shawlette.


  1. You knit so finely. I'm a touch jealous. Okay, so it would help if I picked up the sticks, but still!!

  2. Wow you have been busy! Love the dye colors you ended up with! Love the next Bakers Dozen square, you are making me feel like a slug!
    Love the crochet square! The colors are so fun!