Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Adventures in Dyeing 9/9/07

Okie dokie peoples, I have lots and lots and lots of pictures of my first experiences in the lovely world of dyeing. If you dare to enter into the pile of goodies.

Okay, my very first attempt at dyeing would be considered somewhat of a failure if you take into the account of what was the intended outcome vs the actual outcome. I used yarn from my second attempt at plying my spun yarn. In a pot of water, I used orange, red, and purple kool-aid. On the unfortunate side, it all kind of merged together . . . on the positive side though, it turned into the prettiest rust orange. I am an extreme fan of the color orange. Sad part is, I doubt I could replicate this no matter how hard I tried.

My next attempt involved roving, this is due to the fact that I was so psyched about the dyeing process and didn't have anything else to dye. So, on with the roving . . . it didn't absorb the kool-aid dye as well as it should have, because I was a little impatient and didn't soak the roving for as long as I should have . . . oh well, next time. Oh yes, I gave them all little names. *smile*

Lemon Ice

Orange Cream

Grape Ice

Raspberry Swirl

Tootie Fruity

Raspberry Lemon Ice

Cherry Sherbet

Peach Ice

Group picture

And lastly, my mother sent me a Louet sock dyeing kit of blues. I didn't do it with stripes, instead I wanted it to have a marbled look. This was based on the fact that the dyes themselves looked like the colors were quite different shades of blue. So I made them a marbled look type instead. I didn't want stripey sock . . . just not that kind of gal. Thought the colors would be a tad more distinct, but love them anyways.

All in all . . . absolutely love this dyeing. I am going to have my mother or sister send me some kool-aid since where I currently am at I can only seem to find lemonade, cherry, orange, and grape. No greens, purples . . . *sad*.

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